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October 22, 2010

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out On A Great, Free Squidoo Lens For Your Business

There are many excellent ways to market your website online but one often overlooked, free facility, is the creation of a Squidoo lens.

A Squidoo lens is for all intents and purposes a free website page hosted on the Squidoo website, enabling you to create and edit content of your choice utilizing various excellent editing modules. This content can be an overview of your business or may be the promotion of a specific product or service.

If you are unsure of the value to your business of creating this type of page or lens, run through the 5 important points below outlining why:

1. Your Squidoo page is permitted to have links pointing back to your business website which as we know can offer huge SEO benefits. These links are dofollow links, in other words they allow the search engine robots to follow the link to your website, as opposed to a nofollow link which doesn’t permit search engine robots to follow the link.

Therefore the dofollow links are of more value.

2. Due to the fact that the Squidoo website is such a highly ranked, large site, quite often you can find that your Squidoo lens can actually rank higher than your own website, especially if your website is new or not very well optimized. And it goes without saying, that the more time your Squidoo lens is online at higher the search engines will rank it.

3. There are some excellent editing tools available when creating your lens and they are extremely easy to use. These editing tools known as modules and you can find a module for pretty much anything you would want to include in your lens, including adding music, graphics, video, links, large text and lots more.

4. The Squidoo site is incredibly easy for even a web novice to create great content and is also visually excellent. You can select a template with colour to suit your company branding.

5. If at a later date you would like to return to your lens to add further content, this is a very easy process. You can also create further lenses on other subjects, which for your marketing campaign can only be great news.

So there you have it, my 5 great reasons why it would be crazy to not take full advantage of this free and excellent marketing service. I really like the Squidoo website as it has a very user friendly feel about it. I think the creators have done a first class job in putting together a very helpful and informative website.

Have a look and make your own decision but remember, this service won’t cost you anything and in this day and age, you can’t grumble about totally free online marketing.

The author lives in England and runs a design business. He has used the excellent Squidoo website to market many services and believes the site offers huge value to businesses. View an example lens here: