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November 3, 2010

Don’t Get Hung Up On Protecting Your Work

Let’s imagine you’ve just spent 3 months working on a digital downloadable information product such as an eBook and you’re about to release to the public it but one thing is bothering you.

How will I protect my thank you page/product?

This is actually something I get asked quite a lot and let me tell you far too many people are hung up on protecting their products and download pages. Yes, protect your product with a members area or hard to guess thank you page but please don’t get hung up on this, the reason is because no matter how hard you try to protect your product if someone wants it they will get it.

Also, most people are genuine and will pay for your product, never forget that. It’s a very small minority that will try to get your product for free.

Secondly, if someone were to ‘steal’ my eBook there are enough links inside the eBook containing my affiliate links that I will make more money if it gets passed around. In fact I sometimes wish someone would steal some of my eBooks and pass them around the internet so I was getting an extra 10,000 views per day from people who haven’t paid because if I were how much more money would I be making?

Do you know when I first started on eBay I used to go mad if I saw someone copying my work, I would spend hour after hour trawling eBay for listings that were using my templates, sales copy, eBooks etc. It got to the stage where I used to spend more time trying to stop people copying my work than getting any real work done. In the end I gave up and decided to stay one step ahead of the copy cats by producing new material faster than they could copy it. Since then I’ve never looked back and it’s now something that doesn’t worry me.

This article is not about not protecting your work, by all means put things in place but remember that if you set things up correctly and have enough back-links in place having people ‘steal’ your work can actually work in your favor.

I am going to leave you with a thought, someone who I was consulting with was going to pay over $5000 for some software to protect his PDF files and asked me if it was something he should do. My reply was “if major multi-million Dollar companies can’t protect their products from theft what chance do we have?”

Remember, you’ll never 100% protect your work so put things in place to make you money if it is stolen, and the best way to stay ahead of the copy cats is to produce new work on a regular basis so they can’t keep up.

There’s a chance this article could be copied without using my resource box, but I’ll never know as I’ve got better things to do than look for people who break the rules and I know that most people are honest and will use my resource box if they do use this article.

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