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November 5, 2010

Turn YouTube Into Your Affiliate Marketing Weapon!

Affiliate marketing has been gaining tremendous traction across the web. Many marketers are switching to a novel way of generating wealth through passive income using various strategies. Blogging phenomena and a plethora of article directories and book marking sites such as Digg and Delicious are used to promote affiliate marketing. Those who understand the power of Internet to market their products are also leveraging the power of viral videos to those ends.

YouTube is the primary tool of affiliate marketers to introduce new products or services. Most marketers find this to be an extremely useful tool which delivers the most bang for almost no bucks! , YouTube attracts millions of viewers. Numerous affiliate marketers are able to attract thousands of eyeballs by cleverly placing videos and keywords related to their products and services on YouTube.

YouTube and other broadcast yourself media sites such as Vimeo and Viddler are leveraged by all sizes of businesses – one man/woman basement business owners to multi-billion dollar international corporations. From music industry, to large aircraft like Boeing are marketed by cleverly placed tags and keywords in videos posted online. Recently YouTube introduced click-to-buy links attached to their videos and linked to Amazon. Amazon has seen a significant upward spike in their sales of music, DVDs and other products.

For an average affiliate marketer who wants to use the power of video marketing, there are many screen capture softwares such as Camtasia that will help create video tutorials, events and product demonstrations. This gives affiliate marketers considerable power as they can redirect potential customers from online video pages to their web sites and convert visits into a sale. Thousands of such affiliate link redirects occur every day and make affiliate marketers millions of dollars.

When your target audience views a video of your product or service in action, their enthusiasm gets ignited. Such exposure has ballooned sales of products and services on the Internet. Writings alone cannot match the power of visuals of video on the Internet. This enables people to feel more of an impulse as they get to view what they are seeking.

As an example, a potential customer can see how a new website or software will look like and work. Tutorial videos will give them added comfort as they navigate the maze of installations and operations. All this puts them in a comfort zone to click on your buy button.

Yet, web marketing is in its infancy. Merchants who had no marketing skills, and who thought they could not successfully launch a marketing campaign, are suddenly finding themselves successful. Advent of online video and the net has changed all that and given them tools which did not exist just a decade ago. For online affiliate marketers, YouTube has become a gold mine. No wonder YouTube is the world’s number 3 most popular website and number 2 search engine!

In conclusion, if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, create something of value, identify your customers, create a video of your product/service, load them to YouTube, and link them to your website. Yes, it is that simple – just some thought and effort.

Laxman Samtani is an Internet entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Visit his website and find out how you can enhance your internet marketing business.