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November 8, 2010

Facing Ethical Issues in Marketing

Using ethical marketing practices is something that we should all strive for. Focus on good products with lots of benefits, and in this way you will be able to make your marketing honest and irresistible for your customers.

Make sure there is always an exchange of value between two parties with your marketing efforts. We all unconsciously do various forms of persuasion in our everyday lives without realizing it. Why not put this into practice for our business. Even though you are coercing your friends, or getting your children to obey you, you can put some of these same tactics to work for you in your business.

Take any famous and popular person for example. If that star recommends a diet, millions of people will go on it. If that star sports a certain hair do, many will copy it. It’s just the way it works. People are all looking for somebody to follow and be like.

Hitler is a classic case, as he managed to influence so many people during the third world war, just by using his charisma and strong personality. It goes to show that a good leader can influence both the good and the bad.

We tend to follow in herds, just like cattle. We all tend to think and act in groups. The internet if full of invisible herds of people following other people. It is human nature to follow what they know instead of sticking out and doing something differently.

To get your own herd of followers, you will have to have something of value to offer your prospects. It is a good idea to get loads of testimonials and success stories from happy customers and followers, as this is like wildfire, and more people will follow. In short, if you become an authority in your field, people will follow you, listen to your every word and even buy products from you.

Keep in mind that your business tactics should always be ethical. You should be persuading a person to buy a product because they really need it, and you are certain that this product will bring value into their lives. Ethical business practice is the ability to truly give somebody the power of choice, and not forcefully loading a product onto them, which they know in the back of their minds they will never have any use for.

Once you have your list of happy followers, you need to be very careful not to abuse that trust. Only promote products that you yourself would use. If you promote junk, you will quickly lose credibility in the eyes of your followers, and they could in turn end up following somebody else.

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