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November 12, 2010

Mobile Touch Screen Presenter

Touch screen technology has almost become mandatory in today’s society. Most people interact with touch screen display technologies everyday and this is backed up by sales of products like the iphone, ipad, ipod and so many other interactive devices we use every day.

Social media is about interaction and involving yourself in others lives and allowing others into your life. It is important to realize that this is only the beginning of the use of this technology and it will only increase as the years go by. Prospective prospects are looking for more than the standard PowerPoint or flip chart.

Now it is time for you to allow your customers and potential customers to engage and interact on a very personal level with your presentation. By doing this you are going to see almost instantly the benefits, results and impact of allowing people the opportunity to engage them in the presentation itself and no longer sit on the sidelines with their hands tied and mouth gagged.

Much like the story books we read when we were kids that allowed us to choose an alternative ending; who among us didn’t go and read the two or three different endings to see what happens when we made a different choice. With all the different endings in those books have you ever met someone that has not read them all – WHY, because curiosity is attractive and powerful and we do not like to not know when we know we could know. People in general like to decide how, when, where and why things happen to them and further more who is going to be involved when they do actually happen.

Most events in life are not predictable and cannot be planned but preparation can put you ahead of the game. There is no reason that a presentation of any kind cannot be delivered effectively when you allow for audience or viewer participation and interaction. Everyone learns differently and when you allow and give people the freedom to learn at their speed, direction and interest that is when the magic happens.

This creates truer, richer and more meaningful presentations that will have far reaching impact on you and your bottom line. Society is now accustomed to interacting and being an active part of what they are doing even the ATM, GPS, and you’re in-car stereo and comfort systems are now completely interactive. This allows you the ability to control many functions from a touch screen display in the console. Websites and Cell Phones have complete interactivity that allows you to control your experience practically without limits. “Customize, tweak and make it yours!” is the motto.

Why go Mobile with your Interactive Display? Take your interactive presentation on the road to your next sales meeting, presentation, conference, board meeting, client demo, exhibit, trade show, corporate event, chamber mixer and more. Allow your audience the opportunity to choose their own path. No longer will your prospective clients stare blankly at you like a deer caught in the headlights. Counting every minute until they’re out the door as the presenter continues on with the same laborious pitch he or she has presented a million times and insists on going through everything they have to cover.

With an Interactive Touch Screen Mobile Presenter you can truly get your clients involved. Express an interest in their needs, wants and desires and show that you care about them and what they have an interest in – reach out and engage with them it makes all the difference in their buying experience. Your presentation will now electrify any audience as you put them in control and give them the same freedom the rest of their life gives them. Go mobile with your presentation because that is where the clients are. Bring an interactive element into any presentation.

Mobile interactive touch screen displays give you freedom and the ability to increase conversions by engaging your clients. In this “wow age” that we live in show your clients that you care by giving them a presentation worthy of their time investment and backs up your desire to communicate effectively in your business relationship. Actions speak louder than words so show your clients you care by your investment in effectiveness.

Everyone has a learning style that works best for them. You cannot anticipate everyone’s style but having choices for them is taking a step in the right direction. Most people learn more by doing and being involved in the learning than simply by watching someone talk about a given subject. The ability to interact with a presentation will maintain interest in your talk.

Instead of going through the motions from slide to slide and working down the traditional process. You will build a momentum and eventually solidify an order because you allowed your client to guide you on how to communicate to them effectively in a presentation that was powered by interactivity. You will be surprised at just how quick your audience will get involved and probe you for more information; ask questions and engage in a two way conversation with you.

You can lead clients onto your freeway and then they can choose their own destination, detours, on ramps and off ramps. Showing the customer what it is they are actually interested in; you have just traded in your very wide sales tools in for an extremely focused. When the customer reaches out and puts a finger on your display and begins to interact you will instantly begin to develop a relationship, a trust and a connection that would sometimes take months and even years to develop.

As soon as they touch the screen and you engage additional physical senses you have just created a bond that will reach past a competitor’s lower price or smooth talking.

Remember marketing is why people buy and not price. The only reason people do not buy from you is because you failed to satisfy their need for information. They are still searching for fulfillment of their outstanding needs and will buy from the person or place that provides that.

So what can you show on this interactive touch screen display and how can you apply this information? The shortest answer is this – anything you can control on your computer with a mouse you can control or operate with your finger. From Websites to Power Point, Flash Programming, Desktop Software and anything you can do on your computer.

Your finger becomes the mouse and can scroll through pictures in a gallery, advance slide shows, start and stop videos, click hyperlinks and go to web pages (if connected to the web), pull up data sheets, look at case studies and then cost factors, lead times, and so much more. Then bring the presentation right back to the PowerPoint where it all started if need be.

The uses and applications are limitless and this technology will catapult your meetings into hyper drive and thrust them to the next level almost as quickly as you began. Typically we give so much information and leave the client in a state of shock or push them to hard and scare them off. Now you can skip the awkward middle point and transition all the way through the sales process to the order. Your meetings may go a little longer but your clients will be intensely satisfied, interested and riveted. You and your presentation are going to stick out amongst the others. You may get applause afterward because you decided to get out of the box and spice up your meeting a bit.

Client development is based on connection and trust. This system helps you cut through all the noise in the sales world and stick out amongst all the other presentations. A company may have had an average of 3-5 presentations on any given product or service which means the mobile presenter can easily place you at the top.

Marketing and Products are the two core functions of any business. By marketing your products effectively you instantly will begin to increase your revenues by communicating effectively with your clients. Soon people will begin to spread the word of your unusual presentation style and you will have more referrals pouring in than ever before because you dared to be original and leap out of the box. People learn better visually and when they are a part of the visual learning experience it will increase their receptivity rapidly.

Tutorials, trainings, videos, data sheets, sales presentations, product orientation, marketing, security briefings are now more informative and descriptive with the use of Interactive Mobile Presentation Kits. Impact your audience with large touch screen monitor interactive digital displays that you can pack up and carry over your shoulder for an interactive display anywhere.

Allow your clients the opportunity to engage themselves – Integrate Media, Documents, Articles, Hyperlinks, Case Studies, White Papers and so much more into your presentation.

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