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November 12, 2010

Social Bookmarking Services and SEO

In building and working with client website design and search engine optimization in Asheville, NC we find fantastic opportunities for SEO through social bookmarking services. Bookmarking was formerly just the process of creating “favorites” or “bookmarks” on the menu bar of one’s browser so a URL can be easily available for future use. But, the favorites function isn’t very effective for finding and organizing a large number of URLs, nor can it be accessed from another computer or easily shared with others. New social bookmarking services filled the void where the browsers left off. Countless new services have appeared to to cover the limitations in favorites and bookmarking, creating low cost SEO opportunities for clients’ websites.

Depending upon the website and the use of such services, social bookmarking can be an excellent way to increase both traffic and conversion rates. Many have found it more effective in the long-run than pay per click advertising, which is ongoing and expensive. One thing is certain, and that is that search engines like the response of real people, so it’s a good opportunity for site owners. The user-created responses of social bookmarking site services are more visible on the web every day.

Instead of using a search engine, you can search popular site like Delicious, Clipmarks, StumbleUpon, Newvine,, Reddit,Mixx, Diigo, Propeller and Furl to find results, tag them and store them for later use or sharing. Your search results are determined by what others have found and tagged, and others find what you tag. Many people like the ease of searching and having online storage and sharing of URLs, so popularity grows. The search engine friendliness of these services is a good combination that can enhance your business’ presence on the web.

How to tag your own site: It’s best to make tags broad, and not overly specific. Tag strategically, according to your keywords you’ve recently had evaluated. To be safe, some site owners submit other sites too when they bookmark and tag their own.

Whether you bookmark and tag your site or someone else does, your site needs excellent content, design and function. Many businesses proactively have their sites tagged with a number of carefully chosen bookmarking services. Remember that if people are disappointed in what they find in a site, this may result in no tags or in negative tags. Having a site that brings a positive response is a good thing to aspire to and to organize around. If you bookmark your own site, be aware! The various social bookmarking services have user rules you need to read and follow to avoid being dropped as a member.

Remember, the web is changing in this direction, and your site may be found before it’s ready to be permanently tagged by others. How current is the site, how interesting and current is the content? Do you offer visitors something they like that sets your site apart from others? If you’re ready for both the increased visibility and scrutiny that goes with social bookmarking services, you will be pleased with how well the search engines respond once you or others start bookmarking your site. Many sites lack what an effective website needs in 2010 and beyond. Your site may lack updated code that search engines like, keywords may be too broad or otherwise ineffective, and on-page mark-up may be absent or poor and your site may be dry and uninteresting! If so, get help. Sites like these do not tend to be found easily or attract social media interest.

We recommend that site owners have a site review done by a firm specializing in web design, marketing and search engine optimization if your site and search engine placement is not what you need it to be. Are website goals clear? Are the goals what they should be, given what a fabulous website can do for today’s businesses. Does the site code, key word effectiveness, content and on-page mark-up support the site to meet its goals? Social bookmarking, social media opportunities and other efforts will be most successful if the answer to these questions is “yes”

So, give your site a good review and receive the help of an excellent web design and search engine optimization team and learn what will help your site be more successful on the web.

Chris has been the owner and head designer since 1979. His experience in marketing crosses all media but he seems to have settled firmly into web design and marketing. With his first website completed in 1997 Chris has established himself as one of the leading Web Design Studios in Western North Carolina. Based in Asheville, Lone Bird Studio has a proven record of results and satisfied clients. Check him out at