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November 15, 2010

Entice Your Viewers with Powerful Graphics

Any pro salesman will tell you that it’s the WORDS that make the sale. The words describe the features and benefits of a product or business. The words generate interest, compel you to keep reading, and convince you to take action and pull out your credit card. The words are the ‘magic potion’ that makes the world of marketing spin. However…it’s the GRAPHICS that grabs their attention and brings them in the door!

Powerful, professional graphics can make the difference between having just another website and having that ‘one-in-a-million’ site that people are drawn to over and over again. Anyone in the online sales business will tell you how challenging it can be to attract customers to your sales page or web store. Why else would there be so many eBooks, videos and training programs focused on internet marketing techniques and traffic generation? You have an unfathomable amount of competition out there and until you have gained your own stead-fast following, it takes tremendous effort to capture your share of potential customers in your market niche.

Even in online auction sites like eBay, you stand a better chance of getting viewers to your listings if you provide a top-notch thumbnail image. Once inside your listing, adding additional pictures of your product will greatly improve your chances of making a sale.

Will professional graphics increase the value of your products or services? Well, unless your business is in web design or graphic arts, probably not. They will, however, escalate the ‘perceived value’ of your business. People associate professional graphics and high-end marketing schemes with a better quality product or service. Does the picture on a box of cereal actually improve the contents of
the box? Nope! But it most definitely helps sell the cereal.

Using high quality graphics makes your business look more professional. Professionalism engenders trust. Trust promotes sales. People feel more comfortable buying from those that they trust… so why not present yourself or your business with a professional online presence by incorporating some stunning graphics in your website?

Are professional web graphics expensive? Not usually. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many excellent graphic artists there are out there willing to provide you with a top-notch product for a very reasonable price.

So what’s the next hurdle to overcome? For many of you, it’s probably where to find excellent, trustworthy, reasonably priced graphics artists that can perform the services you need and are willing to listen to what you want.

Some graphics and web designers will put their business logo or contact information on the websites they create. So it may be as simple as finding a few websites that you like and checking for reference links at the bottom of the page. You could also do a search for graphics artists, but the returned results may be in the thousands. Better yet, consider contacting the owners of the websites and asking them who did their graphics designs.

Have fun sprucing up your sites with luscious graphics that capture your viewer’s attention. It’s just a matter of polishing the ‘eye-candy’.

Joelle Rene’ Hughes is a professional artist, internet marketer, and author of multiple marketing eBooks and videos. For her recommendations for Top Quality Graphics go to =>