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November 17, 2010

The Benefits Of Cloud Software Over Traditional Shared Servers

Everyone is interested in cloud hosting at this moment in time. Traditionally, websites have been hosted on standard dedicated servers. Dedicated servers host lots of websites. On each dedicated server, a shared hosting account is kept. A dedicated server for email or Mysql is sometimes employed. When it comes down to it though, all your eggs are in one basket. The obvious downside of this is that if the dedicated server develops a fault, your website will be down. Cloud software is different. Cloud panels have numbers on its side.

Cloud software is extremely scalable, as in you can choose to pay for what resources you use. It’s very like mobile phones that offer a pay as you go tariff. If you use a small amount of resources, you only pay for those resources. If you are suddenly hit with loads of traffic, the cloud will let you expand instantly. Cloud hosts automatically assign what power you need. Your website should never go offline because of an unexpected spike in traffic. You would simply be billed for the extra used. In this respect, cloud hosting is more cost effective. Remember you are still in a virtual hosting environment of your own- no sharing. No need for an expensive dedicated server anymore.

Whether cloud hosts are more reliable is the subject of fierce debate. There are however, many arguments for. We looked at the scenario of standard shared hosting where if one single dedicated server fails, your website goes offline. Cloud hosting is made up of many many nodes or
dedicated servers. Thus you can weather one or even two nodes going offline at the same time. Cloud hosting surely has to be considered more reliable.

Deploying cloud hosting is very quick and easy. Deploying the hardware is the first part of dedicated server hosting. Then you have to setup software and services. Cloud hosting knocks this issue on the head. You slot in servers as and when you need them. One thing to consider about cloud hosting, is it is a relatively new technology. There are a few down sides with cloud hosting, where a traditional dedicated server or shared hosting environment can offer bigger benefits. However, the reliability cost and scalability of cloud software wins hands down. Those hosts that don’t already have a cloud product, are developing one right now. This speaks volumes. Cloud hosting certainly has more benefits over traditional hosting. Watch clouds continue to improve as cloud software does.

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