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November 19, 2010

Moving Data to the Cloud for Storage

There is a fantastic business value in cloud computing — lowering costs and increasing business agility. A company’s data is valuable, and vulnerable,so cloud is an especially conducive environment for an online backup service

Most business owners know one of the biggest problems to contend with these days is cybercriminals, who are after money. Stealing data to generate illegal profits is their business. It also means they are not afraid to hijack the computing power of a company’s PCs and servers to steal other people’s data in order to generate a big profit.

In-the-cloud computing offers a secure personal cloud to individual consumers, featuring automatic online backup service and data synchronization of files to a secure online file storage center across multiple Internet-connected devices and computers.

Businesses of all sizes are at risk and successful hacks could be devastating to smaller businesses. They usually have limited IT resources, and just being connected to the Internet is reason enough to worry. In fact, 93 percent of all companies that suffer significant data loss close down within five years.

Today, how can business owners avoid becoming just another statistic? Computer failures, theft, or natural disasters never happen according to a time schedule, so an online backup service needs to protect your data securely with continuous backup in real-time. Files should be automatically copied within moments of you saving them so your data is safe.

You probably want all of your important data files backed up, synchronized, and safe, but also you probably want to be able to easily access and share your files remotely via the Internet. After all, workers in other parts of the world – in offices or working virtually – need to have access to data.

Digital file sharing with colleagues or friends and family should have no limits on data file size and unlimited speed is a must. You should be able to share your media with whoever you want through instant messaging, social networking sites, or email. If you or your employees use multiple computers, it is common to want to access documents, or even photos and videos.

Furthermore, a good online backup service allows you to access these items when on the go from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile phone. Your files need to be synchronized and up-to-date across multiple computers with a special software client that can be downloaded to any device. Your online storage solution should also include encryption, access control, failsafe software, and firewalls.

Social networking means consumers want to sync and share their digital life in real time – simply and easily. Pictures and files are immediately secured, and accessible from any device at your fingertips. Storing irreplaceable photos, music, and documents in a single safe location that’s administered by industry leader in Internet security, will put your mind at ease.

It doesn’t matter which solution you choose, it must be simple to set up and easy to use, and an online backup service must work silently in the background, automatically providing data backup and restoring your files in the event of a disaster, accident, or loss.

Ultimately, cloud storage is about the best insurance plan you can get for your important electronic data. Bur remember, not all cloud security is created equal. Before making a final decision on which online backup service to subscribe to, carefully consider the vendor’s experience in content security so that you will be getting secure online data recovery with continuous access.

Kristin Gabriel is a writer for Trend Micro(TM) – – a global leader in content security. SafeSync(TM) is its economically priced online backup service for storing irreplaceable documents, photos, videos, and music in a single safe location that’s administered by Trend Micro.