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November 22, 2010

Do You Plead Guilty To These Online Marketing Mistakes?

It can be easy being guilty of committing online marketing mistakes without realizing what you are losing out on. The term leaving money on the table could not be truer in this instance as you do not realize that, with just a few adjustments to what you are already doing, suddenly the amount of sign ups to your list or sales that you are achieving increases greatly.

You will be committing the gravest online marketing mistake if you do not have a name capture facility on your website. The key to success is to get those interested in what you have to offer onto a list in order to continue the conversation with them. The name capture box requires being located within a prominent position above the fold with an inducement to sign up. This can take the form of a free report, audio or perhaps the first part of a course that you have.

A second mistake is the marketing, or being more precise the lack of it. You should endeavor to be marketing in some format everyday. This can include sending an email to your list, writing a blog post, leaving comments in an appropriate forum with a link back to your website, placing an ad on a related website and writing and distributing an article.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of article marketing. Do you wish to get on the first page of the search engines utilizing a free method to create quality content that the search engines love? Answering yes is your message to start writing articles. The article requires to be based around one key word and once published it can be a very effective method to increase targeted traffic to your website.

Do you make the online marketing mistake of relying on a single sale? The customer buys but you have nothing else to offer them. The big profits are made on the higher value products and it is often only when the customer has purchased the lower value one that they will then be interested in the higher value product. Too many marketers leave far too much money on the table by not introducing an up sell. As soon as the customer has bought, they are still in buying mode and thus an immediate up sell should be offered. If you have not done this before, you will be amazed at the number of customers who are very willing to take advantage of another product being marketed to them at that very point in time.

When sending out a physical product, make sure that details of an additional offer are included. Whilst you might have already offered the up sell and they may have taken advantage of it, don’t make the decision on their behalf that they will have bought enough. Include an additional offer when you send out the package and let them decide if they want to buy that too.

Another mistake that’s related to the last one is the lazy decision to use only digital format. Research indicates that pricing of digital products can only be successful up to a certain level. Once crossed, customers want to see, feel and use a physical product. Getting the prospect to pay hundreds of pounds or dollars for something that is digital is a very difficult marketing trick to pull off. Convert it into a physical product and then the “thud” factor comes into play, and sales will happen.

Everyone has been or still is guilty of these online marketing mistakes but with a bit of effort they can be quickly eradicated and the result will be more prospects on your list and more customers buying your products.

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