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November 22, 2010

Webmasters Beware: Malware Email Hoax

If you get an email that instructs you that a package has been returned to Fedex and you need to get the label of the package printed and placed back onto the package so it can be retrieved, beware!

When you go to open the zip file and “extract,” the information – you wind up getting a malware/spyware program installed into your computer.

The name of this “software,” is system tools. It is disguised as a “security tool,” to prevent spyware/malware.

It automatically places an icon on your p.c. named “system tool,” and immediate pop-ups start showing themselves which read “Your p.c. has been infected with 27 viruses, click here and get removal tool.”

This is a blatant lie. The only “infection,” you have gotten is the malware – bogus software itself!

It continually pops-up on your screen – interrupting your progress. When you try to close the program it throws yet another pop-up reading “continue unprotected”?

When you close the icon, you still get “balloon,” messages from your tray saying your p.c. has a Trojan virus which is trying to steal your credit card information.

This malware is relentless. It pops-up every two minutes, and is very annoying. Furthermore – when you search for such a “fake security tool removal,” it will let you complete the search, but when you try to purchase a legitimate tool which will remove it, it prevents you from using the tool to “remove,” it – by popping up every time you try and open the removal program.

It also tries to confuse the user by displaying a full page “security tool software,” when you enter your credit card number to buy the removal system.

This “system,” is $97.00 and is a hoax. It does not even exist. I did not buy the security tool software suggested by the pop-up.

What I did have to do, is boot my system into a “safe mode,” (F8) to keep the pop-up from interrupting my purchase of a real removal tool ($29.95)

After installation of the real security tool (Superanti-spyware) I ran a scan on my system – it found 85 trojans, malware, and spyware on my p.c.

This is a superior, major, new malware, which bypassed and got by my McGaff p.c. security system which I always keep running.

This is the very first time in years that something got by my p.c. security and infected my p.c. with malware.

I have removed it, and have had no problem since. I just wanted to warn the good folks out there – there are systems which can get by McGaff, as well as other p.c. security systems – by posing themselves as a Fedex email which my system did not flag.

How to avoid this? If you get such an email from Fedex saying your “package had been returned undelivered,” and to retrieve the label for the package, open a zip file and “extract,” such information, do not fall for it.

I send packages and receive packages fairly regularly, so the email seemed legit. If this information can save only one person from having to go through the headache of buying additional software to remove such a threat for ($29.95) this post is worth it.

I suggest emailing this information to your friends so they too can avoid such a scam. The software removal tool I did buy worked great, and it did take it off of my p.c. but I did not buy it from the company, which installed the fake malware disguised as a “security tool.”

I got it from a separate company, which showed the very icon of the real threat. This post is meant to expose this threat to others, so they do not fall for such scams.

Even with an installed, running, professional security tool (such as I had running) It is possible to be infected with malware. So, happy surfing – and keep your p.c. safe.

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