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November 26, 2010

Top 7 Electronics You Need: From Jabra Bluetooth Headsets to Headphones

Staying in with the in crowd may not be your main concern, but the in crowd sure does know what’s hot. Here’s a list of the top seven electronics all the cool kids are using.

1. Jawbone Bluetooth: These cute little blue tooth headsets make life a lot easier. Talking in the car on your Jawbone Bluetooth is easy and convenient. You can stay connected without using your hands to hold your phone and distract you while multitasking.

2. Smartphone: What would multitasking be without a smartphone? You need internet access on your phone if you really want to stay in the loop. The Droid, Blackberry or iPhone are all popular choices. They come with cameras, video recorders, touchscreen interfaces, and tons of downloadable apps.

3. E-Reader: The Kindle has competition these days, especially from color e-readers like Hanvon’s. Smaller than your average paperback, e-readers allow you to read more than one book at a time easily and conveniently. The e-book is changing the way publishers think about their industry, so check one out today.

4. Mp3 player: The iPod is always popular and the Zune is powerful too. The latest touch nanos have hit the market and, in different colors, look great when you want to listen to some tunes. At $179 for 16 GB, it’s a great choice for listening on the go. If you want to store video, photos and music, you may want to consider the classic iPod, with up to 160 GB for $249.

5. Headphones: The Koss KSC 75 delivers some serious sound for only twenty bucks. Bose noise-canceling headphones are also great, but at $100, are a bit pricier.

6. Camera: Lumix makes a clean point-and-shoot, which is the every man’s modern camera. Their other cameras are fine also, but if you want a classic, you may want to consider the Canon SLR or the Nikon’s zoom lenses.

7. Computer: The Dell XPS 15, with an HD webcam and a long list of other firsts is a great desktop replacement at around $1100. The Sony VAIOs are great laptops for their budget prices. At around $600, this baby is a real deal. If you prefer Mac, the MacBook is $999 and does everything you want it to. It’s big brother, the Mac Book Pro is ideal for recording video, music, and heavy duty design.

8. TV: It seems like every year flat screens get clearer and cheaper. The Samsung 46-inch 8500 makes watching TV a real treat. It ain’t cheap at $2400, but it sure is sweet at just 1.6 inches thick. You can also download content off the internet with these TVs.

New electronics come out all the time, but when you buy quality stuff, you won’t need to feel like choosing the updated versions. is your source for cellphone accessories, including Motorola, Jabra, and Jawbone bluetooth headsets. Check out our blog at