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November 26, 2010

Trackback 101

Let’s go back a bit.

All this talk about trackbacks and pingbacks and all different types of other linkbacks to a blog site has got my mind busy over the weekend. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it! Had I not stumbled on Josh Garcia’s blog about this, I would not have really taken a serious thought about it, as I was captivated with Facebook and its potential uses for marketing. I was already benefiting a lot from trackbacks and pingbacks in my site and I did not even realize that! As the famous saying goes: ignorance is bliss. Well, maybe, yes, but definitely not when you’re online!

Well, for starters, I know now that the ultimate purpose of a trackback is referencing. It’s actually a great way of letting two blogsites communicate in such an easy and orderly fashion.

Let’s say I am Blogger #1.

I saw and read an article by Blogger #2.

I liked it!

I quoted the article and posted a link to it in my blog as a reference site.

Provided that we both have trackback protocols, a tool used to keep track of this activity between our blogsites, Blogger #2 will now be informed that I mentioned his/her blog in my site.

This links both our sites officially together!

Ain’t this such a clever way of linking?

In addition, what is so cool about this trackback feature is that it now allows all followers and readers of Blogger #2 to actually come across my site as well. Of course, the favor is also always returned to the other blogger. This time around, a set of visitors, readers and followers of my blog could also be directed to the site of the other blogger too.

Now, how did this all started?

Well it all started in 2002 from a company called Six Apart. Six Apart came up with the idea called “TrackBack” as a method of letting blogsites communicate with one another. It was originally designed as a peer-to-peer communication tool that would link all bloggers through exchange of content. Unluckily, some years later, it would be subjected to abuse by some users who would irresponsibly use it for spamming purposes.

Since then, Six Apart’s TrackBack has spawned similar tools that facilitated a good exchange of content between and among bloggers and providing the best way to link to one another. Needless to say, this has greatly changed the blogging world for the better.

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