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December 3, 2010

What is a Blog and How Does it Differ From a Website?

Blogs and websites are very prevalent on the web today.

Often it is hard to distinguish one from the other as both look and operate similarly. Because of this, it is not surprising that many people do not know the differences between a blog and a website; however, each has it’s own uniqueness and function. So what really differentiates a blog from a website?

– Structure. Websites are more complex in structure compared to blogs and may take a little more technical skills to create. Websites also give you more flexibility as you can easily change the types and looks of pages as you build them. Although blogs are easier to create, their designs are limited to the templates you find unless you hire someone to modify them. Building a website requires more in depth skills and knowledge in technologies such as html, AJAX, PHP, Java and many more. The good news is that there are many hosting companies that provide customers with professional website templates like Yolo, Homestead, and

– Formality. Websites are more formal than blogs. Websites are usually created for business purposes to market products and services of businesses or companies. Here, the target audience is potential customers or buyers while in blogging, it is more personalized.

However, in recent years, bloggers are realizing the potential to make money with blogs as well and they are partnering specific products and service with their passions and dreams. In blogging, the personality, likes, dislikes, and tone often show through.

Most blogs are developed around a specific theme or topic that is personally chosen by the blogger and allows for a lot of flexibility. In contrast, websites are generally more focused, relates to one topic, and keeps more of a business tone.

– Features. Technically, blogs are just a subtype of a website and contain many of the same basic features. However, with a blog, these features are generally integrated into every page, meaning, when you make a change on one page, it will show up on all pages.

– Maintenance. Blogs are probably easier to maintain. One of the main reasons is that the templates are uniform throughout. When you make a change to one items, it updates all items in the blog. For many websites, you may need to make many individual changes in order to make the changes or get the look you want. Websites give you much more flexibility.

Generally, websites are for businesses who intend to sell and invite prospects and new clients while blogs are for private individuals who intend to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas to others as well as interact with their readers through comments and feedback. You can make money with both and blogs are increasing in popularity for generating an income.

Websites and blogs can also be interchangeable. It is possible to create a website and include a blog for new posts and updated information.

A website promotes professionalism and a business-like atmosphere that encourages trust for your potential prospects that you are a well-established business or company.

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