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December 4, 2010

Business Lessons Learned from Groupon and Other Items of Interest

A recent video posted on SPN Videos brings to light the dilemma many small businesses face, “When is too much advertising bad for business?” The need to to cultivate a continuous stream of new business is a constant worry for all business owners and they repeatedly try different marketing methods and advertising campaigns, with little or no success.

Enter Groupon – Small businesses are taking their advertising dollars and putting them to test with Groupon to help build their clientele and provide a service or product at a “group” discount to those individuals who buy-in on the deal. A certain number must be sold for the discount to apply, but, unfortunately, what has happened to some businesses is they have not set a limit to exceed and they are inundated with business. Too much? Yes, too much when customers complain and businesses loose customers rather than gain happy, satisfied ones. Watch the video…

Other Worthy Items of Interest

Check out this website I came across recently…Ben the Body Guard. Quite the avant-garde web design. Not sure what the product is yet, but a very interesting site. Your comments?

Here is a great article on a common problem all web designers face – Why Percentage-Based Designs Don’t Work in Every Browser posted on the webmonkey site.

An finally….Jerry Bader’s newsletter article on Friday, How to Deliver a Marketing Message On Your Website, got some rave reviews…if you haven’t read it yet – take a moment, it is definitely worth the time spent.


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