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December 6, 2010

Creating a Company Logo: What you Need to Know

You have decided to put up a company, good for you. You have almost everything in place – a business plan is already set up, capital and budget is set, employees are ready to work for you, and marketing strategies are already laid out. But there is only one thing lacking and that is the company logo. This is the small thing you have not really thought about until now, until you have realized how crucial it is for your business. Having the right logo will be a good representation of your business and what you are trying to sell. So how and where do you start? Here are some tips on how to create a company logo that will rock.

Do-it-yourself or Professional?

First, you have to decide if you are going to do the logo yourself or you are going to have a professional do it.
This is a relatively easy choice to make. If you have some artistic skills that you can put into good use, try doing the logo yourself. After all, there are so many computer design software that you can use. This route would enable you to save money and time. Now, if the best art you can come up with is a bunch of stick figures, then you do not have a choice but to entrust the welfare of your company logo to someone who is an expert in this field. See to it that you find a reputable and talented logo designer. To do this, you can browse online and look at the portfolios of different logo designers. It would be best to go for one with a portfolio that shows logos that you actually like.
See to it that you compare prices extensively and the package inclusions so you do not spend more than what you have to.

Search Internet for Inspiration

The online world is bustling with information. Here is where you can also get inspiration for your company logo.

Search logo websites such as where you can see a vast array of logo designs on different niches and business types. In the search engine, type the nature of your business, so you can see the logos of the other businesses in the same field. Remember, getting inspiration is a mile different with copying another person’s work. The latter is unacceptable and can get you in trouble. Whether you are designing the logo yourself or you have a designer to do it for you, see to it that all work to be done for your company is nothing but original.

Short and Simple

Simplicity is one key in making a professional logo. If you look at world famous logos like that of Nike, McDonalds, Apple, BMW, and so on, you would notice that they are all very simple. This is because complicated and flashy logos are more difficult to remember. Simple ones, on the other hand, stick more easily to a person’s mind. Slowly but surely, the logo will be associated with your business.

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