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December 6, 2010

How to Use Sub-Headers in Your Internet Sales Copy

Sub-headers refer to the highlighted text in any document but in a sales copy they are used for two main purposes:- 1. To break up the text 2. To keep re-enforcing the benefits of the product/service.

Why do we want to break up the text? For the simple reason that it is much more pleasing on the eye and makes the document far easier to read for your prospect.

Ideally you should aim to break up the text into small segments every 3 to 5 paragraphs. Whilst this matter may not seem to be too significant the experience of many internet marketers has shown that this point is very important.

It has been found that many an otherwise good piece of writing has failed simply because people have been turned off because the copy looks like too much hard work to plough through. So for this reason alone we should ensure that we use good sub-headings

The second main purpose is to keep re-enforcing the benefits of your product. You must maintain an emotive style of writing pushing the most appealing features of each segment and continuously maintaining your reader’s excitement.

It is important to remember that most people scan-read a sales letter before they actually read it in its entirety. When we scan-read we tend to pick out those bits which catch our eye so the art is to direct the prospect to the parts which you want them to read. Thus we ensure that we use sub-headers to break up the body of the sales document every 3 to 5 paragraphs to help achieve this.

When deciding on your sub-headers it is vital that you ensure that they “follow on” from your main heading. They are there to re-enforce your main headline not to detract from it! By using good appropriate sub-headings you are ensuring that the main headline remains fresh in the minds of the readers.

Perhaps one of the best ways of selecting your sub-headings is to recall all the other headings you were considering when deciding on your main headline and see if you can incorporate them now as your sub-headers.

As with any sales literature you must continue to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. One of the best ways to ensure that your sub-headers are in the correct area is to ask yourself questions. Keep asking yourself the question “what are the benefits that my product can give to my reader?”

Bear in mind that it is the perceived benefits to your prospect which will sell your product rather than the product itself.

For example a person rarely buys a top of the range motor vehicle just to get from point A to B. Any cheap vehicle will do that for them. They are buying perhaps for additional comfort, increased esteem etc not just the main purpose.

The main purpose of your sub-headers and the article itself is to convey to the reader that the benefit of buying your product is more valuable than the asking price. If your product makes your potential customer feel younger, more healthy, richer etc then they will willingly part with their money to achieve this state,

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