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December 8, 2010

Link Baiting: A Source Of Massive Traffic And Viral Backlinks

It is common knowledge that to survive in online business these days, you must be able to offer something of value, Free to your site visitors. I am not referring to give away bonuses but to items you feature on your website to attract and retain visitors. These can be in the form of “special posts” which are designed for link baiting purposes.

Depending on the success you achieve with your link baiting, you may graduate from offering this link bait Free to either using it as a means of generating a list by requiring sign ups or even eventually turn it into a paid tool/service.

What should this link baiting tool/service comprise of?

This is where I find that most relatively new marketers get it wrong. They seem to always indulge in “taking coal to newcastle.”

What do I mean by this?

There is already a preponderance of certain types of Free items on the internet. This includes things like e-books, newsletters etc. Why not give something unique and use it as a link bait to attract visitors and self-generating and perpetuating backlinks?

Also, you cannot effectively compete with the “Gurus” and big companies as a small business owner in terms of quality and quantity when it comes to offering free common items such as newsletters, e-books etc.

When trying to decide what your link bait should be, fall back on your areas of strength – that is, areas where you have a comparative advantage over others.

For link baiting to be valuable and sought after, it must be comprised of the following:

* Can not easily be replicated by other webmasters. This must mean it must involve some special skill, work and time. The more of these it involves in most cases, the more you separate yourself from the pack and the more effective the link baiting becomes.

I’ll give you some examples.

Traffic Hoopla’s Hit Exchange Reports:

Since 2002 (Yes, before, this site has consistently published what has become the most popular, and most respected testing report on manual hit exchange advertising.

It is called the Hit Exchange Report, now an exclusive of Hoopla Pro Membership, published every Tuesday, without exception, no missed issues, ever.

Extrapolating from the above, the key features of good link baiting come to light – that is uniqueness, involving time and effort, skill as well as areas of comparative advantage.

Directory Submission Software:

There is this IMT Directory submission software just released in BETA to members of the famous internet marketing forum – Warrior Forum. I specifically noted the Alexa Rating of the webmaster’s forum on which it is hosted as about 60,000 at the time of release barely a month ago. As of today, the Alexa Rating of the forum is 15,615. What a nose-dive within so short a period of time, thanks to the “link baiting” tool.

It must have taken the originator quite sometime, effort and skill to develop the product but he is now beautifully harnessing the benefits.

Free WordPress Themes:

This is another example. When programmers design WordPress themes and give them away for free, what do you think they are doing? Being foolish or playing father Christmas? Certainly not. They insert their links in these themes and use it as a perfect link baiting tool.

Top Article Directories:

This is one of my own link baiting tools/service. I have identified my area of strength as management accounting which ordinarily I use to carry out research and provide accounting data for management decision-taking.

I have deployed this skill in gathering data, analyzing, summarizing and presenting information for the use of other webmasters as a link bait.

Within barely a few weeks of the post, my targeted keyword phrase – “top article directories” is already ranking as no. 2 on page 1 for that term and has been responsible for a large chunk of traffic to my website.

Of course, my backlinks for that post have gone viral and I just keep seeing one backlink or the other added on a daily basis even without any effort on my part.

In summary, link baiting is a very effective strategy for generating massive traffic and viral backlinks.

Dele Ojewumi is an Internet Marketer, Chartered Accountant and Economist. For more linking strategies, visit his blog => Internet’s most-up-to-date list of 165 Top Article Directories =>