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December 8, 2010

Ten Rules for a Winning Online Marketing Strategy – A SPN Exclusive Article

To make progress with your internet business you have a choice of whether you adhere to a plan for your online marketing strategy or hope that success appears from the various ad hoc efforts which you undertake. By following some important rules, it will be much easier creating, building and profiting from a home internet business.

The first two rules are closely linked in so much that your efforts require a disciplined approach coupled with a focused mindset. Set aside time every day to work on some part of your online business and by focusing on what needs to be done, and having planned the week’s work, you can avoid wasting time thinking about what requires to be undertaken. Just one hour of disciplined focused work per day and you will be amazed about just how much you can get done.

Next rule is the essential action of planning and setting goals. By undertaking this task you will be focusing your attention and giving you a target to achieve. If you don’t, time will drift by and the danger of not completing a task will surface, especially if it appears challenging. By planning exactly what has to be done and setting a time limit, you will be able to make steady progress. Without such an approach, you will struggle with your online business and you could then be open to the danger of your attention being distracted by a seemingly attractive alternative.

The next two rules should be seen together in that you should always have an open mind to new ideas, thoughts and methods of what is working and happening on the internet. Just because you are not familiar or initially comfortable with an idea does not mean that it can’t work for you. In a similar vein, the next rule states that your open mind should treat both success and failure exactly the same. Just treat a failure as being one step nearer your next success. If you dwell on failures, you risk being dragged down by them and having your progress halted. If anything, you can learn more from a failed project than when you hit success.

You should never forget the fact that the internet arena is littered with past failures that you can’t see, but it is only through experiencing and learning from such that you will be in a better position to achieve the progress towards whatever success means for you. Online businesses take time, effort and a degree of anguish before there is a pay back. Some ideas will be winners and others will not fly. Learn from the ones that didn’t work and use your experience for the ones that will work.

Similar to that is the rule to continually seek out new and valuable information. You never stop learning and this is vital for your online marketing strategy as new methods are appearing all the time. An effective way of achieving this is another rule which says to associate with those that do and win rather than the moaners who say it can’t or won’t work, yet have probably not tried it themselves. By associating with other winning mindsets, you will gain confidence in your own abilities.

You also need to control your emotions. If a project does not reap the rewards you anticipated then be rational about why rather than making an emotional decision that might impact on your future success. It is a business that you are working on and as such emotion should be kept out of it. Decisions should be based on all the facts that have been gathered rather than being swayed by factors that don’t stack up in a business sense. You also need to analyze whether spending resources on something that promises a lot is really the best use of your money. There are many techniques and methods advertised to help or ensure your website succeeds. Once again you have to evaluate what is actually being offered, the likely results and the cost to you.

A very important rule is always to have your eyes on the numbers. If you are making a profit then great, but take a forensic look at your paid advertising to see what is cost effective and what is not. Cull whatever is not paying its way and dedicate those resources to the winners. Unless your website is run as a hobby, what you have is a business and the disciplines of such should be administered in exactly the same way as that of a physical business.

By following such rules for an online marketing strategy you have every chance to make progress and attain the goals you desire. And don’t forget the last of the rules and that is to have fun while you are creating, building and profiting from your online marketing business.

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