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December 8, 2010

Webmasters: Attract Leads With Great Content – A SPN Exclusive Article

There are billions of ads on the Web, all flashing the “read me first,” signal.

How can a writer target the right type of leads to their main Page? The answer should be clear. That is clear and concise writing that leaves no room for doubt about what is being said. This allows the intent of the article to be made crystal clear.

When writers begin to ramble, this is when they lose their audience. If you want to attract a specific type of lead to visit your Homepage (where the visitor benefits, as well as the writer) having great content wins out every time.

Poorly thought out copy, and weak messages, are not what good people want to read. After all, there is so much competition – all vying for hungry eyes, the “circular bin” copy will quickly fall to the wayside.

Is this supposed to be a lesson in writing skills, or an article showing you how to grab high-value leads?

It is the intent of this article to do both. If one cannot generate keen interest in what the general topic of the content is about, people simply will not read further – they will go elsewhere.

That being said, the first rule of order for Webmasters who write should be to rev up reader interest.

Doing some good research, fact checking, and stimulating imaginations through great writing skills is imperative to achieve this goal.

Obviously most everyone can type words onto a page, but who can craft copy that is snapped up with enthusiasm?

The point here is to grab the reader’s interest and hold it all the way to the next conversion point.

This conversion may be as simple as to click another link, enter an email address, tweet the message, or “like,” it to Facebook.

Whatever the case may be, if the reader does not finish the content due to poor writing, the objective of the copy itself has failed to do its job.

All copy intends to do something. The main objective of most copy is simply to be read in its entirety.

When you can ignite the visitor’s passion for a certain, or specific thing, you have met the criteria for having your writing accomplish work.

Most lead generation copy does just that. By creating a keen interest in the general content, your copy is working to move the reader forward.

There are many styles of writing, but when it comes to crafting content which people enjoy reading, creative writing always wins out hands down.

Sure, some people who are reading academic style copy enjoy learning something new. However, even this type of copy can be made much more enjoyable, using creative writing.

It is all within the presentation of the message itself. Have you ever read copy which seemed to cause your eyelids to slam shut in disapproval?

Most of the time, a single paragraph of this type of “error in wording,” will cause attention spans to wane.

When interest is lost, people move on to something else. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you simply quit reading something, because it seemed to begin to ramble, lose focus, or did not make good sense?

That itself is the whole point and case of this article. Good writing keeps the person focused intently. It makes points that make sense, and is crystal clear about what is being said. You can learn how to write copy that does this.

It is a learned skill. Sure, some have a gift or generous aptitude for doing such, but no one is born with the skill to write like famous authors without having practiced honing such natural ability.

Words can do amazing things when used correctly. They can stop arguments, create passion, or even start or stop wars.

They can bring joy, euphoria, contentment, or even cause people to take swift action.

They can sell, buy, turn toward, or away, bring favor or discontent, create happiness or unhappiness.

The word is an all-powerful tool in the hands of the user. If you want to bring leads to your homepage, generate sales, or capture emails, you are going to have to use words very effectively to do so.

Readers do not like to feel as though they have wasted their time. If you want them to eagerly read what you have written, you have to feed them with great content.

Anything short of that is going to fall flat. What do I want you to take away with you from this article?

I want you to understand that good, well-crafted content, will win out, hands-down with readers every time.

It will pay you many dividends, and bring sincere visitors to your Web site again and again.

When you can consistently keep your readers happy with your content, they will come and keep coming back for more.

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