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December 10, 2010

Brand Your Small Business Through Your Twitter Background

Once you’ve signed up for a Twitter account, Twitter gives you a few generic backgrounds to use on your Twitter profile page. Unfortunately, using the default Twitter background is the best way to “bore” your followers to death. Not to mention that you’re letting an opportunity to brand your small business slip through your fingertips. If you want to stand apart from your competition (as any small business owner does), then you’ll undoubtedly want to create a unique and customized Twitter background. One of the wonderful parts of Twitter is that you’re able to upload your very own customized background. Obviously, there are many benefits for creating, customizing and personalizing a Twitter background for your Twitter account. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be expensive or technically challenging.

However, before we explore how to create your Twitter background, let’s look at why your business would benefit from a customized background.

1. Business Branding. Creating a Twitter background that showcases your small business colors, logo and business personality, helps grow and extend your brand.

2. Creativity and Personal Expression. You have the ability to capture the attention of your prospective clients and customers as soon as they land on your Twitter profile page. Through the use of interesting design, creative graphics and a bit of imagination, you can make a strong statement through your Twitter background.

3. Additional Business Information. You have the option to add additional information about your small business through the use of a customized background. This is incredibly important since you are only given a 160 character bio. You can choose to add logos, marketing messages, marketing taglines, additional URLs and links to your other social media sites. It doesn’t matter if you are a Photoshop expert or technically challenged, here are three ways to fully customize your Twitter background:

1) Do-It-Yourself

If you are handy using a design program like Photoshop, you can design your own Twitter background. The most important design element to keep in mind is that your image should be approximately 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall. This will allow all browsers and screen resolutions to easily view your Twitter background. In addition, if you are adding a left-hand column in your Twitter background, you’ll want to ensure that the design is smaller than 225 pixels. This way your column won’t interfere with your center Twitter content.

2) Upload a Free Theme

There are dozens of services that allow you to upload free, semi-customizable themes for your Twitter background. It’s a fairly straight-forward process and you can find free themes by searching for “free Twitter themes” on Google.

3) Order a Customized Theme

If you would like a fully, customizable theme you can have one designed, for a fee. To find a service that will complete this work for you, simply search “customized Twitter themes” on Google.

So, if you are going to use Twitter as a marketing tool for your small business, make sure that you showcase your small business brand through a customized Twitter background.

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