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December 10, 2010

What are the Best Ways to Write Good Copy

Tip one: Reveal any drawbacks to your product.

Let us start with a negative. Eh? A negative?? Sure. If a part of your product/service could be conceived as having a minor flaw then bring this out. Why? No product or service is 100% perfect and by admitting this you will gain credibility and minimize any doubts in your readers mind.

An example might be that whilst your product might make some money by using it the reader is unlikely to make mega bucks from it. This will appeal to someone who just wants to make a little extra cash without building a huge business.

Tip two: The Length of Copy

Surprisingly there is a maxim that long copy sells, short copy doesn’t. However that doesn’t mean that the copy should be too long. Probably between 10 to 20 pages is best. However don’t worry about the length when first writing your draft as this may inhibit your thoughts.

Tip three: Write only short sentences

Try to keep within 15 to 20 words but concentrate on maintaining a friendly and personal style. By all means make each sentence as “punchy” as you can. You are “talking” to a friend don’t forget.

Tip four: Paragraphs should be kept short

As with the sentences you should also try to keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Ideally each paragraph will be only up to six lines. Also ensure that you do NOT use double spacing as this can cause confusions to your reader. This is because the dividing line between each paragraph becomes blurred causing your copy to lose impact.
Not always possible. See below!!

Tip five: Get to the point and use specifics

Keep on track and avoid generalities. If you are promoting a weight loss program then do not say that you lost over 30 lbs. This type of statement is nowhere near as effective as saying that you lost 30.5 lbs. So be specific.

Tip six: Be honest

Under tip five I said that you should be specific and gave the example of losing 30.5 lbs. However do not make this statement if not correct. If you haven’t done something yourself or you can’t prove it then don’t say it!! This is dishonest and unethical and you do not want the bad reputation that goes with it. However if you are sure that someone else has achieved this goal with your product then you can claim that. Please bear in mind that you may be called upon to prove the statement though.

Tip seven: End each page in the middle of a sentence if you can

The reason for this is that it will cause the reader to continue because the brain naturally wants to complete something. I trust that the above tips help you when you start to write copy.

The most important thing to stress is that your copy should be conversational and friendly so don’t worry too much about appearing too formal.

You are in business but you are also their friend.

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