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December 13, 2010

Don’t Forget Your SEO This Christmas

Christmas is a time to reignite relationships and one friend you should definitely keep in touch with is your blog.

SEO expert Kevin Gibbons has warned website owners not to ignore their blog over the festive period as Google’s spiders continue to working all the way through Christmas time.

It is important to keep updating your site with fresh content such as blog posts and articles as this will help your SEO strategy and also attract new traffic if the information is interesting enough.

Mr Gibbons blogged on Econsultancy: “Regular, original copy is essential for your organic optimization. Your website should be putting out a regular content ‘heartbeat’, so that the robots know to keep checking it.”

Being featured on Google News can also raise the profile of your site and significantly boost traffic rates but a number of requirements need to be fulfilled before it is worth applying.

Milind Mody, founder of SEO firm eBrandz, summed it up neatly be stating that you should have at least 100 articles before embarking on the application form and this must be supported by a daily submission of a minimum of three articles.

The content in your articles must be unique and be written by multiple authors, while including images with relevant captions is also recommended.

Google has recently changed its ranking algorithms in response to a business owner who used negative feedback to boost his SEO strategy.

The owner of a spectacles shop provided poor customer service to provoke his consumers into venting their rage on internet review sites and forums which resulted in the business achieving greater prominence in Google.

When people searched for the name of the company they would be confronted with scathing reviews but when shoppers entered the name of fashionable spectacles brand, the organization would appear at number one.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that the more replies you people post, the more business and the more hits and sales I get. My goal is NEGATIVE advertisement,” claimed the owner.

Google was alerted to the anomaly and developed an algorithmic solution to avoid situations similar to this in the future.

You know it’s nearly New Year when lists featuring the events of the last twelve months start appearing.

This time it is Google’s turn to reveal what everybody was searching for in 2010 and the results are pretty unsurprising with Facebook topping the poll as the overall most searched for phrase.

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