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December 20, 2010

Google News: How It Can Boost Website Hits

Google News has become an incredible aggregator, bringing together news articles from around the world in one simple to use location. Like anything else that Google does, Google News provides individuals with the best listings and the best results, helping to drive even more traffic to specific websites.

Google News is a tool that can be used to boost website hits. Website owners simply need to learn how to use Google News to their advantage. The following information will show you how you can increase website traffic and boost website hits by using Google News on a somewhat regular basis.

Building a News Website

Practically anyone can submit their news stories to Google News, throwing all of their news content to the website. You simply need to have a website that is dedicated to specific topical news in some way. If you did not plan on a News Website, simply create a small niche news website that covers news that is related to the product, service, or information that you are pushing on your own website. You will be able to push your news to Google News, which will bring people directly to your targeted niche news site.

Connecting the News Websites To your Website You then need to find a way to connect your actual website to the news website that you have created to direct traffic from Google News. This is why the topical news website is crucial – the topical news will be easy to bring back to the product, service, or information that you are pushing.

You will be able to link to your product throughout all of the various posts that you create that are based on news stories. You will be able to link people back to your initial website, bring in a world of possibilities for future and current traffic.

Why This Works

It can be easy to be intimidated by anything that involves Google. Google indexes the websites of the world, bringing all of that information together for those who are searching for information. Google News is different through, bringing up news stories from websites that are generally unheard of. It works to understand what the best news stories are and works to direct you to the sources that have good information. Strong content for a niche news website is likely to show up on any searches for that type of news.

While Google News may not be the right marketing platform for some, it can be a perfect tool for others. Take the time to understand how Google News works and how your website could benefit from it’s use. If you think that your website would be a good fit for this marketing process, use it to it’s fullest extent. If you think that your website will not benefit from Google News, look into other traffic-driving tools, such as redirection and backlinks.

While Google News is an incredible tool, some websites will benefit from a different marketing focus.

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