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December 22, 2010

How To Use Twitter To Market Your Affiliate Products

Twitter has long been used by affiliate marketers to connect with prospects in their target market. As a micro-blogging site, it has proven itself as a powerful and free marketing tool and is currently the no. 10 top internet site on Alexa, the site ranking tool. Here I’m going to share with you how to use Twitter to market your affiliate products.

Promotion – Twitter offers a free marketing opportunity. Not only can you Tweet your message, you should also make the most of the space available on the background image, the profile area and the directories that index Twitter accounts to get your message out there. Your message may contain what you offer on your website, or which products you supply.

Consistency – for the best results, you will need to commit to a regular presence on Twitter. By ‘showing your face’ regularly you will be able to interact with others so that you can build relationships. Effective internet marketing works by building relationships initially. If you cannot to commit to Tweeting everyday, look into using tools that will Tweet for you as you schedule such as HootSuite and TweetDeck.

Be a reporter – provide quality information as the bulk of your Tweets to build your reputation as a worthwhile follow. You will gain the respect of your market and this will result in a higher number of followers to market affiliate products.

ReTweet – retweet the best posts that you come across as part of your content sharing. This will add to your reputation as somebody to follow, as you continue to share quality, relevant and educational material that you come across from other users.

Reply – interact and respond to mentions of your handle. You can also spend time asking questions and providing answers to others questions. You can respond by typing the handle (@Oprah for example). Twitter is a social networking tool, not something to just broadcast from. The more interaction that you do, the bigger your community will grow with more chance of finding buyers.

Search – use the Twitter search tool with #hashtags of your related keywords to find who is in your market. You can respond to relevant Tweets by replying or you can even ReTweet them depending on whether they fit with your content model.

#Hashtag – in turn, use the #hashtag in your tweets so that they show in searches for other people to find.

Directories – look through directories such as Twellow to find prospects and businesses in your industry to follow, some will follow you in return.

TweetAttack – use this tool to mass follow and unfollow Twitter accounts. You will build up your follow base in no time at all. You will have to pay a fee to use it, but it is definitely worth the outlay as you will have more connections in order to market affiliate products to more people.

Have fun – social networking can be a little like a social event, it should be fun, you should come across as professional, positive and polite for the best results. Don’t waste time spamming, your followers will run a mile from you.

Twitter is certainly a great tool to market affiliate products on. You can connect to your target market quite easily just be using some of the techniques listed above.

Andrew Holtom is an experienced and accomplished online marketer. Andrew enjoys introducing newcomers to the profits of internet marketing. If you want to know more about online marketing, then visit for more information.