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December 27, 2010

What Are The Top Ten Most Visited Sites Of 2010?

We all think we know the answer to this question, or at least we have all had a best guess at it. We decided that we would do a bit of digging around and provide for certain the top ten most visited websites (in order) of 2010.

Through a variety of sources we landed at our finished list so sit back and enjoy.


Yes hitting the top spot is of course that rather small search engine Google. I don’t suppose this will surprise anybody but its still good to know that our favorite website is still Google whether we like it or not.


Sitting not so far behind is the number one social media website Facebook. Before the inception of social media nobody would have believed that there would have been a website that you would constantly check every single day of your life yet Facebook jumped into our lives and now we have confessed Facebook addicts. How long before there is Facebook rehab?


The video sharing network is third in our list because we simply can’t get enough of watching other peoples misfortunes or videos of cats doing human like things. Not to mention dancing babes and that Charlie who likes to bite peoples fingers.


Yahoo still pops up every now and again although considerably a lot less than our number one friend Google. People are still using this search engine and it has jumped in at number four. How long that will last is anybodies guess.

Windows Live

This one surprised us all, but yes another search engine has bounced into our list again not sure if this is by choice or simply because it was preloaded on various machines upon purchase?


Ah Wikipedia the only website where fact doesn’t really have to come into it. Despite not having to be factual it seems that rather a lot of still visit Wikipedia and take its answers as gospel when arguing with friends. “It says so on Wikipedia so it must be true.”


Google’s attempt at a blogging platform. Extremely popular this year but since they have taken the FTP capabilities away I am guessing it won’t be appearing in the list next year.


China is rather a large place so its surprising that Baidu has only dropped in at number seven. I can’t really report to much about this search engine (yes another search engine) because everything on it is written in Chinese.


Search engines are very popular and MSN has come and joined the party. With its very popular instant messaging service this one has come at no surprise as is still the instant messaging tool of choice for lots of people. Its nice to see and will probably hold its own for a long time despite efforts to better it. Google Wave being one of them.

Yahoo Japan

The only website to have a double entry. Yahoo Japan finishes off our top ten listing quite nicely.

That concludes our list of the top 10 most visited websites of 2010 we hope there wasn’t to many shocks in there and lets hope that 2011 brings us some more surprises.

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