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December 31, 2010

New Website from Zero to Hero in 6 Months for Generic Keywords (Google Top Ten)

A SPN Exclusive Article

The SEO Daddy joins the blogging world and shares his secrets. New website from zero to hero in 6 months. Just to get the facts set out. I have never blogged, tweeted or posted in forums about SEO in my life. I am a one-man-band who is self taught and if you don’t mind me saying so is not too shabby at it. This blog page and layout will evolve during the story and I would appreciate any enlightenment about the art of blogging, in exchange I might well teach you the easy way to the top of Google’s Rankings! 🙂

As a SEO professional you may find it strange that personal blogging has not been a key factor in my SEO arsenal and you’re most probably right to think so. Baking the perfect cake is all about using the right ingredients in the correct amounts and hey presto, you have the Perfect Cake!

The basis of SEO is not far short from this simple formula. Search Engine Optimization does not have to be complicated. We all know you can bake a simple cake with few ingredients and it will rise correctly and taste great.

Your SEO strategy can follow a simple equation to get the ball rolling and produce some quite tasty SERPs.

Simplicity is always best to start. So I have decided to share with the world how to bake the perfect SEO cake, put the icing on top and sharing the secrets of my success. I am joining the world of blogging and I am going share my knowledge and experiences with SEO focused in the United Kingdom for small and medium sized companies. On this journey I will integrate the best aspects of blogging into the SEO Equation.

This is the first of a 7 part story of how to get a small to medium size company profiled and listed in Google’s Top Ten results for a ‘Keyword Phrase + Location’. ( E.G. Wedding photographer Greenwich)

For this project/Case Study I am going to document the journey and the testing times I went through getting Rik Pennington, an excellent wedding photographer into Google’s top ten for Keyword Phrases and Generic Keywords related to wedding photography and the geo-locations he requested to rank highly for thus generating inquiries in the boroughs of London where Rik wanted to apply his trade. Not only did I succeed in fulfilling Rik’s initial ranking requirements, I surpassed all expectation and is now one of only a handful of wedding photographers at the top of Google’s rankings for generic wedding photography terms in the UK.

Here are just a few for you to peruse and validate my claims thus cementing my reputation as a leading SEO consultant in United Kingdom.

SERPS in on 26th Dec 2010. (They bounce around slightly from time to time but generally theses positions are his (Rik Pennington Photography) and we won’t relinquish them without a good, fair fight! 🙂

1. Wedding Photographer Greenwich – No.1 (out of about 1,640,000 possible results)
2. Wedding Photography Greenwich – No.1 (out of about 113,000 possible results)
3. Wedding Photographer London – No.2 (out of about 76,960,000 possible results)
4. Wedding Photography London – No.3 (out of about 1,050,000 possible results)

Many more to follow…. as I take you on Rik Pennington’s SEO Story and the inevitable success employing the right SEO professional to execute his online SEO Strategy.

And the biggy, the SEO Holy Grail – ‘Google Top Ten Listing’ for a generic search term. The big traffic drivers!
Wait for it…..

5. Wedding Photographer – No.4 (out of about 76,700,000 possible results)

Note: All SERPS are ignoring Google places listings!

So next week will be the first installment on how the story began – New website from zero to hero in 6 months. Follow me and learn how to get the most out of your time and claim your Google rankings, cement them and keep fighting for them…… next time peeps…….

I am a leading Search Engine Optimization specialist who predominately works for UK Companies helping them obtain ‘Google Top Ten’ search listings for their require ‘Keywords’ within the respective market sector. At present I have 100% record for achieving this goal and have never failed to deliver ‘Google Top Ten’ results for a client.