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January 3, 2011

Super Affiliates-5 Characteristics

The simple definition of a super affiliate is a person who generates a significant percentage of an affiliate program’s activity. When you look at the leaderboard to see who is making the most sales super affiliates are always at the top.

So what does it take to be a super affiliate? Here are 5 characteristics all of them seem to have!

1. They have a large responsive targeted email list. I should also add they work at developing relationships with their subscribers.

They build lists for any affiliate product they are going to promote. They do this by promoting landing pages and a review pages as opposed to the affiliate sales page directly.

2. They do not promote everything under the sun. This is a common mistake that many affiliate marketers make.

The best way to get the most sales you possibly can from a product is to not promote every a product you come across. By focusing your efforts you will increase your sales.

3. They market programs that have the highest commission rates. Obviously you will make more money if you get paid more.

Many programs will be very similar in what they offer in terms of products and marketing materials. By choosing a program that offers a higher affiliate commission you are selecting the one that has a slight edge.

4. Before taking on another one they maximize the results of each affiliate program. This is especially true when there are new product launches.

The key is to promote as early and is often is you possibly can. Promote your products in as many ways as possible so you are maximizing each potential sale.

5. They get the most website traffic. Ultimately making money on the Internet comes down to getting visitors to a website.

Super affiliates know how to do this and they know how to do it at the most profitable way as possible. This means combining both free advertising and paid advertising to generate a lot of website visitors.

Most of these people run successful ppc campaigns with either Google, Yahoo, or both. They also are good at outsourcing some of their work including article marketing.

A good way to learn from a super affiliate is to carefully watch what they do. You can do this by subscribing to their email newsletters, or by receiving their blog updates via an RSS feed.

You want to be careful to not try and follow too many super affiliates at one time. Another characteristic that these people all have is learning how to spend your time online in the most effective way.

Suzanne Morrison is on the staff of the Affiliate Power Group where they help people learn affiliate marketing. Check out their affiliate marketing help if you need help making money as an affiliate marketer.