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January 5, 2011

How To Get The Best Sound On Your Video Production

Portable field recorders are one of the most popular tools that are used in electronic field production. One of the reasons they are so popular is that the audio that is recorded by a portable stereo recorder usually sounds substantially better than the audio that can be recorded by a video camera.

Portable digital recorders are compact devices that run on batteries. They permit you to create a high quality audio recording n an internal drive or a removable digital media.

You can use a portable stereo recorder to make a recording on its own, or you can connect your portable recorder to other equipment in order to record audio from an outside source.

A lot of portable digital recorders feature FireWire or USP ports. These ports make it possible for you to hook up your recorder to your computer and transfer the recordings you make into your computer’s hard drive.

Most portable stereo digital recorders allow you to choose the quality you would like to record in. For example, many portable recorders offer the ability to record in MP3 files, WAV files, etc.

That’s because the video camera’s audio circuitry is usually not as sophisticated as what is found in most portable recorders. In addition, video cameras compress the audio as they make the recordings. Consequently the quality of the sound is decreased.

Time code is a protocol that is encoded into video and audio footage that permits you to lock and sync the audio you recorded with the video when you go into post production. Although you’ll only find built in time code generators in only the most expensive portable audio recorders, some portable recorders have inputs that will allow you to sync with an external time code generator.

Even if your recorder has an internal time code generator it probably is not as accurate as an external time code generator, which is also called a Sync Box. If your recorder has an internal time code generator and you use an external Sync Box then the Sync Box will be the master time code generator and the one in your recorder will be the slave. That’s because two time code generators are never allowed to operate at once.

Although portable digital stereo recorders are actually fairly simple machines they don’t always look like they are very easy to use. So, in order to get the best performance out of your portable stereo digital recorder, any time you invest in reading the manual will be time well spent.

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