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January 12, 2011

Get Massive Traffic: From Google – A SPN Exclusive Article

Online traffic has greatly increased in just the last five years, and it is expected to continue in growth.

One of the main reasons for this is because broadband, and other high-speed Internet services have become much more affordable, as well as available in more areas.

On any given day, there are hundreds of millions of people online who use GOOGLE search to find information, videos, entertainment, goods and services, and other things of interest.

With the boom in search engine traffic, how can you leverage their search to bring them to your Web site or Sales page? Keywords – is the answer. The right keywords.

Most Internet marketing “gurus,” will tell you to target the low-competition, and long-tailed keywords for your Sales or Landing pages.

I will not tell you this. In fact, I would advise you to target the high-competition keywords, and use GOOGLE keyword finder to amass many broad-match keywords, and phrases in your research.

Once you have your list of keywords, then take full advantage of the Web. That is right – go to the high-traffic, major article directories, and surf the titles of content which contain some of your keywords.

Find the most informative, well-written articles that target your niche, and then scan the content for the parts that have the best up-to-date information available.

Then copy and paste these bits of information into a word processor like Microsoft Word.

Create bullet style lists of information, using sub-heads, (because people love to scan) and compile bits of information from five or six great articles, or other sources of helpful, informative content.

Do not steal other people’s content as this is against the law, and the search engines will flag or penalize such into a sub-directory, which they would consider to be duplicated content. (Some have paid huge fines for doing this, and lost their domain as well)

The information you have compiled will simply serve as a basic guideline for the new fresh article you are about to write.

When I say write – I mean use your own words. Do not even try to get away with using partial sentences or phrases, previously published on the Web.

Do not try to simply reword other people’s content, as this will not work because copy-scape and other plagiarism tools will spot such in a jiffy, and you could face a 250,000.00 fine.

You are allowed to assimilate the entire information, and then write a totally new article.

Researchers have to check facts, and compile information every day, as this is legal.

However, you can use such research to craft high-impact, informative, engaging, article content for your own site. (as long as no part of it is plagiarized)

Write in a clear, concise manner that is personable, as well as informative. Weave your keywords you have chosen into the copy in a fashion that is natural sounding, easy to read, and lively.

People will not read boring material, so pick a subject, which you have good expertise in, and give helpful, informative insight of your own about the subject matter.

This is what will make it your own, and unique. Do not try to put over 2-3% of keywords into the content (even broad-match wording) as this will be seen by the reader’s and the search engines as keyword-stuffing, and it will come off as being boorish, and flat.

When you follow the guidelines in this article, concerning how to write great content that folks will like to read, you will discover you can be competitive (even for high-competition keywords)

I have many articles, which targeted super-competitive keywords such as (expert sales and landing page copy) that still hold their first place listings – even more than a year later – in the GOOGLE search results.

It is the presentation, and manner in which the copy is created, that will determine whether the page ranks on the first page of search results – or if it is placed so far back in the listings – (it becomes lost in cyberspace)

To create great content takes skill, and some practice, but the rewards it brings are hungry visitors who want to know more about your products or services.

It will pay you to learn how to do this, again and again. Once you become so much of an expert in your preferred niche, you will discover that you will no longer even have to do research (except, to fact check) to be able to write good articles.

If you find you do not have the time to learn to do this, you could always hire a good Web writer who will do the same.

Nevertheless, great content will bring targeted visitors to your Web site, and make you sales.

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