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January 14, 2011

How To Use An Hour A Day To Bring Success To Your Online Business

At one time or another, most of us have used the common excuse of not having enough time, to put off getting started with a new idea. And It’s a common fallacy that you need to have lots of time available in order to start a successful internet marketing business.

Well, if you’re still thinking of starting, or are actually just starting your online business, it’s important to understand that what matters most is not the amount of time that you have available to spend on the business, but how effectively and efficiently you use that time.

In practice, when you are working on your internet business, regularly spending just one hour a day on developing your business will achieve far more in a week than in your mind setting aside a whole weekend. This is because it’s so easy to say that you will spend all this time working on your online business, but when the time comes, it is far too easy to get distracted or caught up in your other activities. This results in another week passing with no action being taken on your business.

Alternatively, consistently spending one hour a day will result in you achieving a far greater amount than you would have imagined. You will be creating momentum which drives the business forward and makes it much easier to pick up from where you left off yesterday.

Now, what are you going to do with your time? Follow your plan. The simplest plan and the one I recommend is to work on the three core areas of your business every day. These are your list, your traffic and your offers/products.Focusing on these three areas regularly and consistently will make sure that the essential elements of your internet business are always in balance. They are the three supporting pillars and are fundamental for your online business success.

By developing a way of working where you consistently spend time on each of these three areas, you are laying a solid foundation for your online marketing business, just like building a house. And, just like building a house, when you’re starting your online business, you need solid foundations to create a sustainable structure. Otherwise, just like a house of cards, it will fall over in the first breeze.

So, to make your business quake proof, take the time now to create a regular work plan. Then, however much time you have available in the future, you’ve put in the basics and you have a system in place that will ensure balanced growth for your online business.

The first place to begin is to organize your week by scheduling the activities to be done into the time you have available for your online business. To do this, you can use the planner on your computer, if there is one, or you’ll find lots to choose from with a Google search for Weekly Planner. Of course, if you’re adept on your PC, you can even create your own. Just make sure that it shows mornings, afternoons and evenings for each day.

If, like me, you’re not naturally an organized and scheduled person, but appreciate its importance for your online business success, you’ll find the simple discipline of creating a schedule each week brings a big improvement in your working efficiency.

You need to be realistic in completing the schedule each week, because, above all, creating your business should be an exciting and enjoyable process, not a chore. So, make sure that you schedule in your non-working time as well: time for the family, exercise, entertainment, TV, whatever you need to maintain a healthy balance in your life. This is what will make your schedule sustainable.

If you have a full time job and a family and your schedule already seems pretty full, there are always ways you can find an extra hour, especially for this exciting new project and I urge you to look for them. For example, if you’re a ‘lark’ and function really well first thing in the morning, you might get up an hour earlier and work on your business before breakfast.

Alternatively, if, you’re more of a ‘night owl’, you may prefer to fit it in at the end of your day. In addition, you can use lunch times or travel time to be working on your internet business and reduce the time you spend watching TV.

Having established how much working time you have available, you need to fill in what you want to achieve on each area of your business each day, your list, your traffic, your product. Just like eating the proverbial elephant, you break tasks down into manageable, bite-size pieces. What you will find as you get into this routine, is that you will become much more productive with practice and although things may seem rather slow at first, they will soon pick up.

On the last working day of the week, along with your catching up, look at what needs doing next week and schedule in what you will do on each section of your online marketing business each day. That way you know exactly what to do when you start again.Then, all you have to do is follow the schedule!

It’s great to make a schedule and you can feel really good when you’ve got it all mapped out. But, a plan and a schedule are only ever any good if you action them and a lot of time can be saved when, as the Nike advert said , you “Just do it”.

Shirley Crichton is a UK information marketer, passionate about sharing what she has learnt with people new to this often confusing world . Do you want to learn more about getting your internet marketing business started and profitable? Claim your free and comprehensive 95-page report ‘ Online Marketing Made Easy’ at to give yourself a head start.