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January 19, 2011

The Five Most Important Fundamentals for Selling Information Products

There are five important fundamentals to consider when you are marketing information products.

They are:-
1) You must have a quality product
2) Every successful business is marketing driven.
3) A simple marketing system can increase your sales exponentially
4) It is the back end products which are the real profit makers
5) You must adjust to the changing demands of the marketplace.

Quality Products

What do I mean by quality products? In the information marketing area I am talking about giving information of exceptional value. It is the quality of the information which is important. Obviously if you are providing printed material then the quality of the paper etc should be good but it is the quality of the information which must be the prime consideration. The whole basis of a successful long term business is built upon repeat sales so if your information material is not of the highest caliber then you are unlikely to get further sales. Besides, if you are offering a returns policy as a guarantee (which you always should) then if your material is of a poor quality you are liable to get a lot of requests from customers for the return of their money.

However it is the repeat sales and referrals to other customers which will make or break your business. Basically without quality information you do not really have a business.

A Market Driven Business

Whilst having quality products to offer your potential clients is the prime consideration, being able to market them effectively is a close run second. Let’s face it, however brilliant and helpful your information product is if no one hears about it – you are “dead in the water.”

Perhaps one of the best ways to think about this is to consider your business as a marketing business rather than an information products business. This will keep you focused on the needs of your customers. Always keep to the forefront of your mind that we are all human and “what’s in it for me” will always be the first thought of your customer. That is not being cynical just realistic! To avoid wasting time and money it is important that you have targeted potential customers. What do I mean by a targeted customer? One that “wants” your product (note: not necessarily “needs”), has the ability to pay for it, and more importantly has the authority to purchase it. This last point is often overlooked particularly if dealing with an employee of an organization.

A Simplified Marketing System can Increase your Sales Exponentially

By this statement I mean that your marketing system should be set up so that it runs like clockwork. From the very start you should install a system that organizes every stage in a simple, automated progression. The more simplified you can make the system by the use of autoresponders etc., the less time and hassle you will incur. It is certainly worth spending time and thought on this aspect before plunging in!

It is the Back End Products which are the Real Profit Makers

A back end product is one which you offer to an established customer. People are very reluctant to buy from you if they don’t know you or have not been recommended by a trusted friend or colleague. So, initially you offer some information product which is quite “cheap.” By cheap, I mean in price not quality! If not too expensive a potential customer is likely to “give you a whirl” as they haven’t got much to lose.

Once having purchased from you and liked the product then they are much more likely to spend more by buying even more information from you. Thus you will be able to offer more expensive and profitable products. Bear in mind however that you still wish to maintain this person as a client so you should still be offering greater true value with the higher priced products.

You Must Adjust to the Changing Demands of the Market

Market conditions change.

Fact! What does this mean to you? You have to be flexible and in tune with market trends. There are many factors to be taken into consideration. New Government regulations, new technology, fads, changes in people’s circumstances and economic climate can all have an effect on your market.

So be aware of how trends are developing and try to think ahead so that you can change your offer as and when necessary.

There are of course no guarantees that your information products will be successful but if you follow the above guide lines you will have a better chance of meeting your goals.

To YOUR success

John Beaumont is an internet marketer who has published over 50 articles. Visit his blog at Discover the Top secret tactics that the Heavy Hitters are using to make thousands of dollars with little or no effort.