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January 21, 2011

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Is Not Rocket Science

SEO or search engine optimization is not rocket science, but for some companies this technology sounds too much complex process. Let me try to explain you what is the process of SEO:

On page SEO aspect:

1. The cross internal link building among the various pages (analyzing the keywords using tools)

2. The Meta keywords, meta description, Meta title placement in all pages and publish those pages.

3. Create Sitemap.xml and place in the site.

4. Name all the elements you are using in the site properly.

So those are the basic on-page aspects isn’t it simple?

Now the other aspect the off page search engine optimization activity if you are having a team for making sure the work:

1. Need to train the team, about your business, who will work in those as per your business vertical for off page activity.

2. Find all those 3rd party sites where we will place the site links and to make the site popular among those site which will increase the back link, this will be very big document of more than 2000 + sites where you will need to publish the areas for various activity.

3. After the creation of list the team needs to create the login details in those sites and need to fill proper information and need to prepare a base in those sites for future activity.

4. After those account creation the team will publish the content that content writer will produce as per the proper keyword placement and link placement and team will popular in those 3rd party sites.

5. After the submission the links or content the publication check list and status need to me maintain in the report.

6. This process of submission and this process of submission and the report management need to be done for next 4 – 5 months for those specific targeted keywords and more the pages will be published with proper keywords, the back-link will generate.

Hope you are able to understand the whole Search engine Optimization aspect. This is really not such complex process but yes extensive process of execution and manage the areas. So I should say, SEO is not rocket science but an exhaustive process to maintain. If you want to review your site for free, just check Request a Quote section of a professional service provider website.

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