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January 24, 2011

Do You Know All About Mini-sites?

If someone said the word ‘website’ chances are you would immediately know what they were talking about. Most people today have at least heard about websites, and may have a fairly good idea what they are. Most who have been on the internet will be familiar with the names of some of the big sites like eBay, Facebook, Google or Amazon.

All these are traditional websites, but they are not the most exciting websites on the internet. The most exciting and powerful websites are mini sites! So, what is a mini website, and what makes it so special?

A mini website has 3 special characteristics that set it apart from other sites. Let me tell you what they are.

1. The mini site has only one main page. That’s right! Only one page. When you go to a mini website the page you land on is generally the whole site. You can start to see why they are called ‘mini’ sites. This front page will always present the primary message of the site.

2. These special sites only do one thing. That’s right, they have just one purpose! This focus is what gives the mini-site it’s outstanding ability. It only has one focus in life, and that focus is usually to sell something! Compared to traditional websites which usually have several purposes, mini-sites have only one – this is their power!

3. That there are generally no navigation links from the main page.
This means when you arrive on the main page you only have one choice read the message or leave. Unlike traditional site these single page sites do not engage the reader in any distractions or options. This adds power and force to your message.

These three special features of a mini website combine to give these sites an importance and ability way above their simple construction. As I said most of these sites are selling something and it’s something that they do seriously well. Most internet marketing experts agree that this type of website is the ‘must have’ for anyone trying to sell on line.

The real reason to use these sites is they are easy to build – even for a beginner. They are quick to deploy on line, and easy to change, update or test.

This gives you a great start if you are trying to start your own business online, or are thinking about internet marketing as your next move to make extra cash. Now you know the good news, that you don’t have to reportage your home to get a powerful and effective website on the net and selling for you.

Most of the top internet marketing gurus started their huge empires using these simple one page sites. And, although most are now talking about blogs, membership sites, and social media, the humble single page mini site is still the king when it comes to selling online.

By employing the power, ease of construction, and speed of deployment, of single page mini websites you can easily have the best chance to get your own successful business on the net and selling.

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