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January 31, 2011

Make More Sales Using Creative Saleswriting

Good Web copywriting can easily get visitors to take a specific action such as: buy, opt in, “tweet,” email to a friend, or “like,” the message. Copywriters who utilize creative style writing such as vivid storytelling, or draft high-impact, punchy, word-picture style writing can expect their response rates to such copy go way up.

People do not like to get the perception that they are being “sold.” However, tell them a compelling story in which drama, humor, or other emotional feelings are aroused – and do so in a fashion that is personable, engaging, informative, and interesting – you will receive a whole new level of their interest. They become captivated.

Then, when you have stirred great interest show them how a specific problem arises during the story. Then introduce the solution – this would be your product or service. When they are shown, the obvious benefit the solution provides (in story context) they then “see” how it is exactly what they need. This manner of marketing causes the buyer to “sell” themselves.

History has proven, time and time again – this fashion of getting sales is unsurpassed, it is now, has been, and shall remain to be the preferred method of selling for both buyer and seller alike. It outperforms all other methods of marketing by a vast 10 to 1 ratio.

This style of power-writing is highly effective for online promotions, print ads, as well as commercial television – it works in every sales arena. If you are not using this type of promotional material for whatever product or service you are trying to sell – you are flat missing the boat!

People always love great stories, and this has been a well-documented fact for centuries. There is absolutely no greater “hook” to arouse public interest than a well-crafted story. Whether it be fiction, or non-fiction, story based copy will make the sale.

Most Professional Copywriters understand this and employ creative writing in their promotions. It demonstrates to the reader how the said product or service – is exactly what they need to solve a specific problem they are dealing with.

Better still it strikes a nerve in their “buyer’s resistance,” and easily clears the hurdle to the sale. They have not been “pitched” they have “sold” themselves. They are not only glad they have found the product or service – they are happy to buy it.

You can use good creative copywriting to sell anything under the sun. All it takes is a great storyline, and a compelling writer to bring the words to life. Think about this for a moment sometimes buying can actually be enjoyable if the one doing the buying is properly motivated to make the purchase.

Today’s successful promotions are polished and savvy. Good writers avoid hype and flash presentations because they turn off the average consumer. Creative Copywriters know exactly how to present their messages in a manner that actually appeals to viewers.

The days of selling online using exaggerated over-the-moon promises – have gone the way of the T-Rex. Most people simply will not read it. (Let alone buy it.) It actually undermines site credibility. Take a serious look at your own online promotions.

If they are not making sales and the copy is failing to do the job of earning you money – fire the copy! Chances are the product or services you are offering are of good quality but if the sales message does not employ some of the selling tactics outlined in this article you are not only hurting your business – you are leaving money on the table which another savvy marketer will suck up like a vacuum cleaner.

Billions and billions of dollars of goods are sold every year on the Web, and this figure is destined to rise to over $312 billion by the year 2012. Are you getting your piece of this action? Let a creative Copywriter write your sales page and see what a huge difference this approach makes in your response.

Why do less than ten percent of sales pages make money online while the other ninety percent of sales Websites fail to make a dime? It is simple – look at their copy.

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