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January 31, 2011

New Website from Zero to Hero in 6 Months for Generic Keywords (Google Top Ten) – 4 of 7

Ok, let’s recap to date what we have covered: basic link building skills and strategy at Local, Regional Level (Wedding Photographer Greenwich, Wedding Photographer London). We have covered reciprocal links, back-links, Blogrolls, Blog commenting, and Directories/Forums.

Now it’s time for the ‘Big Guns’ to come out to play, time to up our game and start our assault on the summit. We want to focus our SEO attention on the generic keyword ‘Wedding Photographer’ and thus gain the kudos of Google Top Ten listings giving us national and international traffic we strive for.

The ‘Big Guns’ in the link arsenal I am going to cover are: Link Management Software, Linking Analysis, Link strategy. Without using the ‘Big Guns’, achieving a Google Top Ten listing is nigh on impossible in my opinion, unless you forgot about that PR5+ domain just hanging around on your web-server not being utilized. And let’s face it, that’s never the case!

Also, I mentioned in Part 2 of this series of articles that Rik Pennington Photography had lost his #No.1 ranking for ‘Wedding Photographer London’ in I have addressed the issue and we are back to #No.1 spot! Nice work from the SEO Daddy.

Link Management Software

It’s an absolute must for me as an SEO professional; there are plenty of unscrupulous link exchangers out there. Exchange links with you one day and next week your link has gone from their website trying to get one over on you with a one-way link. Software can mange, monitor and react accordingly and slap ‘no follows’ on or auto-delete Link Dodgers and Link Jackers! Thus, keeping your link strategy streamlined, focused and running at full capacity, increasing the link juice you thirst. Quality link management software can take a lot of the laborious frustrating aspects of link building off your hands and frees up valuable time to get on with more productive and rewarding tasks within the SEO arena. Most have tools to help you find related websites for link exchanges, blogs for commenting on and posting to, also quality directories for listing in. All this can come with detailed PageRank, Alexa, BackLink statistics assisting you to make the right decisions on a link by link basis, strengthening your authority every step of the way.

You are not going to get penalized for using link management software; use it sensibly, with progressive, controlled and targeted link growth in relevant market sectors with diverse link themes. If you want to know more about Link Management Software, contact me and I can let you know what’s out there and what would best suit your online needs.

Linking Analysis

Ok, now we are talking. We need to know how the websites listed in Google’s Top Ten for the term ‘wedding photographer’ got there? Every website has left a forensic trail of its success. You just need the tools and skills to sniff it out. Once on the scent, let a clever application do the hard work for you and all you need to do is analyze the data. Strategize according and marry the results with your developing assault plan for conquering the summit. A crew of German chaps has recently released SEOprofiler and they have hit the nail on head with this set of SEO Tools. It’s yet another example of precision German engineering at its best! The strapline ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ comes to mind. For our friends over the pond who don’t indulge in foreign linguistics or own an Audi TT, I’ll translate for you. This German phrase is usually translated into English as ‘progress through technology’. A literal translation would be ‘advancement through technology’. There’s no single English word which is an exact English equivalent of ‘vorsprung’; ‘to leap ahead’ comes close and SEOprofiler is definitely a leap ahead of rest.

The boffins from Deutschland have done it again! If you are determined to get your website into Google’s Top Ten then you need to enter the more advanced and complex world of link analysis. I would strongly suggest you look at SEOprofiler. This is a heavy weight web based set of tools that delivers to its clients some of the most in-depth link analysis I have seen out there. But don’t be put off if you’re a beginner. It’s easy to use, very informative and will enlighten you as to the link status of your website and the in-depth status of your competitors for a keyword phrase. All in all, a remarkable set of tools and up there in the SEO Software market. A must if you are serious about outranking your competitors on Google. I wouldn’t have achieved Rik Pennington’s Google page one ranking without referencing with this set of SEO tools.

Link strategy

Based on the conclusions gained from the link analysis of competitors in Google’s Top ten for the keyword we are homing in on, we now have all the knowledge to stage an assault and gain a Google Top Ten listing for a generic keyword, the Holy Grail for most SEO professionals. Generic keywords are big traffic drivers and the kudos that goes with listing at the top Google’s organic ranking mountain means oodles of traffic. Oodles of traffic means throwing everyman and his dog into the top of the hopper and seeing what comes out. Admittedly there are plenty of discards but this is of no consequence to our overall strategy. Profile is everything; we have done local and regional domination. But we need the national generic listings to increase the market penetration and cement our authority as one of the top dogs in our market. If they don’t find you, you can’t do business with them. Simple SEO marketing philosophy – blanket assault on Google page one listings and cherry pick the jobs you want, taking the cream of crop!

So, we have done all of the above, the plans in place, the strategy is robust, aspects of the plan are already operational and yielding results. We have established our authority as a player within our market sector (neighborhood), now it’s time to cement it. We now need more, many more back links, continuing to add to our ever bulging link pot. We are looking for a constant flow of new quality links. How are we going to get them? Well, I’ll tell you next time.

Next week we will cover Article Submission, Anonymous Blog Post Publication, the murky word of Copy Spinning, Rewrite Percentages and controlled Article propagation across the global network.

Till next time, peeps……
Thanks for reading.

The SEO Daddy is a very successful professional SEO Consultant. He runs a SEO Company in the UK. He covers every industry online and specializes in Wedding Business SEO. This article covered the use of SEOprofiler. Twitter ID: SEODADDY_UK