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January 31, 2011

What Is An Opt-In Email List?

Spam, most people who have email addresses hate it. Some don’t care. But spam gets irritating. What is spam you ask? It is an email sent to you by companies you don’t even know of and have nothing to do with you. You are considered spammed if you receive tons of these cheesy advertisements that fill up you bulk email folder. It gets worse. These spam emails keep being sent to you and the thousands of other people that these companies have in their email address list.

If you have an online business, one thing you wouldn’t want to hear is that your advertisements and newsletters are considered as spam. One way to avoid being addressed as a spammer is by creating an opt-in email list. An opt-in email list is a list of email addresses where those who receive your emails have chosen to receive them. Unlike spam, the recipients have a choice, either to receive your newsletters or ezines of not to receive them.

This way, when you send your advertisements, newsletters and the like, your emails wouldn’t be considered spam. If you’re asking what is all the fuss about spam emails? Well, you could be fined a minimum of $500 for sending them. And by creating your own opt-in email list you wouldn’t be risking your business just because you sent advertisements.

Creating your own opt-in email list isn’t as hard as you might think. There are many resources available in the internet to help you create these opt-in email lists. You can’t say you don’t know how since there are many websites who will guide you through the whole process.

The advantage of an opt-in email list is that your recipients have full knowledge that you are sending them your emails. To be sure that they are giving you their own email address is by sending a confirmation letter. This confirmation letter will be confirmed by the user through the email address he/she has sent you.

Be sure that you’re sending you emails to those who have confirmed emails. Also, don’t send your emails to those who have chosen to stop receiving your emails. This may give you a small list but your list will contain only the email addresses of those interested on you products or services and won’t jeopardize your business.

When creating your newsletters and ezines. Be sure that it’s content has information that is valuable to your recipients. It must contain things such as up to date updates on your business. Don’t send them emails which contain exaggerated advertisements.

One thing you should avoid is sending these emails over and over again to the same users. They don’t need multiples of your newsletters. Sending them one newsletter is already enough. They don’t need another email with the exact content as the other email you sent them.

Make your advertisements straight to the point. Show them exactly what they’ll get if they purchase from you. Don’t give them extras that you can’t provide. Don’t send emails like other companies containing things such as an order form. If your recipients want to purchase products and services from you they will go to your site or send you emails.

All these are very helpful guidelines to prevent you from being called a spammer. So start your own opt-in email list now.

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