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February 2, 2011

My Computer Runs Slow–Will Registry Repair Fix It?

Your computer runs slow and is behaving erratically is it? It freezes more often and even crashes at times and you may have to shut it down.This is a common scenario with windows PCs, and it suggests that you need to do some registry repair. Never fear,with just a little bit of effort you can correct this problem. A quality registry repair tool can restore your machine to normal operation in just a few minutes of work

When a computer is new it is a great delight to use. Everything works perfectly and it is running as fast as its processor can work. Exactly how fast it runs depends on the processor of course. If you have a Celeron chip it will be considerably slower than a dual core fast machine.The amount of memory is also important to fast running. More memory gives the operating system plenty of available space to get on with the job, so if you have 4 gigabytes of memory the machine will work faster than a similar computer with 1 gigabyte especially when the memory is close to maximum use.

Hard drives are all of relatively big capacity these days, and will in fact more than meet the needs of the avarage user. However even a big hard drive can be overloaded if enough videos, audios and photos are uploaded to it. To provide top performance a computer must have a fast processor chip, a big capacity hard drive and adequate memory for the use intended. Even moderately priced entry level machines have harddrives of 160 gigs or more now, at least 2 gigs of ram and fast processor chips. These machines are capable of very good performance unless the hard drive becomes overloaded with an excessive amount of videos, photos or audios which consume a lot of space.

If you are purchasing a new computer do not buy anything less than a good fast processor. The dual core processor is used in most mid priced computers now and anything less is slow by comparison. The processor cannot be upgraded to a faster chip later, so it is wise to start out with a good one. The additional cost is relatively small and the fast chip will save you many hours of work time during the lifetime of the computer.

It is a fact however that all Windows PCs slow down with use as they get older. This is the result of an accumulation of surplus materials in the registry. Windows PCs all use a registry which is really a massive database which the operating system uses to run the computer. When this registry is overloaded with file fragments, partially downloaded programs, and other material including malware and viruses, the operating speed becomes slower since the operating system has to search through all this junk material in order to locate the files it needs to run the computer. At this point the only way to correct this problem is to perform a thorough registry cleaning by using a registry repair tool to edit out all the junk.

A number of registry repair tools can be downloaded from the internet which can do this job. A quality registry cleaner application can do this work fast and with efficiency, and will very quickly put your computer back into good fast running order in just a few minutes time. After trying out a number of registry repair tools we noted that the best of them will do a much better job than some of the others. One particular registry cleaner we found was able to detect up to double the number of errors located by some others. A number of registry repair tools are advertised as “free” but are not really free. They perform a free scan for you, and show you the errors found in your registry, but they then require payment to remove the problems. It is a fact that pretty well all registry repair applications on the internet will give you a free registry scan and will tabulate the results for you to examine. It is then your decision as to what you want to do. You can remove the errors manually if you have the necessary skills and knowledge, but for the average user this is fraught with danger. The registry is the home of all the files which the operating system uses to run your computer, and if you remove or damage any of these you could be in for big problems. In the worst case the computer is disabled, and it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system to get it working again.

This is not a good time to experiment, It is far safer and easier to pay a reasonable price for a quality registry cleaner and have the registry cleaning done in a safe and efficient manner. You will have the application installed on your hard drive and can use it regularly to keep your registry in good order and your computer running smoothly.

It is good practice to run it at least once per month to keep your computer running at optimum level. Get the top registry repair tool available and use it regularly to keep your computer running at full speed.

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