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February 2, 2011

Ten Valuable SEO Link Building Tips

SEO link building is one of the most crucial methods you can use for website promotion. While on-page optimization is important, it doesn’t take you really far. Once your website is up and running, the next thing to do is build quality inbound website links, which can help your site appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are valuable tips for search engine optimization link building. If you’re an expert in SEO already, these tips will remind you of the basic yet essential link building strategies.

1. Go for Higher Quality Links

All links are not created equal. SEO links that have higher value provide greater optimization benefits compared to low quality links. There are several factors that can determine the quality of website links. These are:

* The reputation and trustworthiness of the domain giving the website links. For instance, a link from would have higher value compared to a link from a website that ranks lower in the Alexa rank checker.

* How relevant the anchor text is to the link. This means that an anchor text saying “fish tank” would be far more relevant and valuable than a “click here” anchor text.

* The link’s location within the site structure. For obvious reasons, SEO links embedded on a site’s homepage is more beneficial than a link that comes from a deeply hidden page.

* The link’s visibility on a webpage. It also matters where the inbound link is located on a webpage. Website links at the top of a webpage are more visible than those at the bottom.

* Similarly, a link that’s one of three on a page is more valuable than a link that’s one of 80.

Now that you have an idea of how website links are given value, the question is: How do you get high quality links? The tips below will explain different methods of effective search engine optimization link building.

2. Create Useful, Relevant and Interesting Content

Building superior quality content remains an effective method of getting SEO links from other websites. With excellent content, not only will you be able to build backlinks naturally, requesting a link also becomes easier since the partner website can benefit from the link request as well.

In addition, building good content is one way to get all your SEO links for free. Link baiting is a method made for the sole purpose of attracting links using interesting and useful content. All you have to do is create a site with great content, and wait for the website links to come.

3. SEO Link Building with Blog and RSS Feeds

Promoting your site via blogs and RSS feeds is an easy and great way to boost your site’s exposure and SEO link building opportunities. Blog readers are always looking for interesting sites and posts. If your website is listed in their preferred blog and RSS directories, there’s a decent chance that your site will be found.

4. Submit Your Site to Directories

Another easy way to get website links is through directory submissions. Although this method doesn’t quite give good quality SEO links, it’s a good place to start if you’re new to search engine optimization link building.

There are two ways to submit your site to directories. You can use a directory submission service that automatically sends your site to over 100 directories, or you can manually submit the site yourself. Doing it automatically saves you a lot of time; while manual submission allows you to easily send your site to major directories (the more popular directories usually don’t accept automatic submissions).

5. Research on Your Competitors’ SEO Links

Look up the sites that are providing links to the websites of your competitors. This is a good way to start your SEO link building efforts, since websites that link to your competitors are likely to be interested in linking to your site as well. However, before implementing this strategy, make sure that your website is as good as your competitor’s.

There are many SEO link building tools that can help you check your competitors’ SEO links. SEOBook Back Link Analyzer provides comprehensive backlink information. It’s free, but only runs on Windows. There’s also the impressive (paid) SEO SpyGlass, which runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.

6. Writing and Submitting Articles

There are several websites out there that you can submit your articles to. EzineArticles, for example, is a popular article site that allows you to post writings, as well as build website links. You can either create SEO links within the article or at the bottom section of the article called the “bio box” or “author box.”

Again, it’s important that your articles are useful and informative. Bloggers, news reporters and other industry experts might be interested in posting your article to their blog or creating SEO links to your site. So, make your article as interesting as possible.

7. Purchase Links and Look for Link Brokers

Although Google is becoming stricter on link renting, it’s possible to purchase temporary website links. The reason why Google is cracking down on link renting is that these SEO links are there on your site one day, and then suddenly disappear once you stop renting them.

For this reason, it’s advisable to permanently purchase these one-way website links.

8. Use Local Directories

Website owners who have a brick and mortar business can find local directories very useful in their search engine optimization link building campaign. If your business is in the United States, for instance, you can submit your site to the Better Business Bureau or the Chambers of Commerce. Not only will you receive high quality SEO links, your website will also appear in regional searches, or even rank higher.

9. Press Releases

Don’t underestimate the power of press releases. If you write something very interesting about your business, website or company, there’s a good chance that your press release will be picked up by news organizations, such as This can be a huge website visitation and SEO link building opportunity for you.

10. Participate in Forums

Interacting in communities and forums is another great, not to mention free, way of getting SEO links that point to your website. Forum users are usually free to post links to their websites in the footer of their profile or posts. Just make sure that you’re not spamming. You should contribute to the forum positively.

On the other hand, many forums have the “nofollow” tag, so those inbound website links might not help in boosting your site rankings. Nonetheless, while communities and forums may not help in your SEO link building efforts, they can help increase website traffic, especially if other forum users are interested in what you have to say.

Matt Hodgson from NeedMoreHits. NeedMoreHits is a search engine traffic program designed to submit and generate maximum search engine traffic to your website with little to no fuss.