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February 4, 2011

Firefox vs. Chrome Web Browser: Which is the Best Browser?

It actually sounds like something from a sci-fi flick, The Browser Wars”, but it is not. It is a very real fight and until recently the top contenders were Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, with Firefox clearly being the better program. That was until Google threw its hat in the ring.

Now it goes without saying that the true fight has begun between Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are interested in how they stack up against each other read on.

Speed: Chrome is by far the fastest. It uses the Webkit engine layout and independent speed tests have already cemented this engine as the leader in overall speed.

Although Firefox did attempt to amp up its search speed with the introduction of its 3.5, it still looses hands down.

Security: All browsers have had occasional security risks. However Chrome treats each tab as an individual process.
This means that if one search result in the tab is infected by a malicious site, then it is contained and subsequently “pawned.” This keeps the infection from spreading to the other tabs. This alone gives Google Chrome the edge over Firefox.

Search Options: This is the one area that Google Chrome falls short in. As of now the program cannot support any other browser. Firefox is compatible with all other browsers and is capable of supporting a lot more add-ons than Google Chrome supports. These are important for people who use the browser for more than just a simple search.

Memory: The separation of the tabs for security purposes also may look, at first glance as if that is gross usage of memory space. But tests have proven that is not the case.

The memory usage also depends a lot on the number of other programs running within the browser. Since Firefox users tend to have an abundance of add-ons, this makes for a much larger memory loss. So even though Firefox would win this one, it is with reservations.

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with either one of these browsers. Right now, power users will find Chrome to be faster and cleaner. Internet marketers will find more options with Firefox. Use both for maximum effect. Happy browsing!

As you can see both have their benefits and both leave something to be desired. You can download and use both for different projects. Since this is war, you have to find out for yourself which one is best.

Pat Lindle is a consultant over at and principal at the website helping small business owners with hosting needs.