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February 4, 2011

Mistakes An Affiliate Marketer Should Never Commit

Most new affiliate marketers are keen to get going and rush headlong in to the business with the aim of making a lot of money. That level of excitement associated with embarking on a new interest usually makes ones determination go into hyper drive and, unfortunately, this can be a bad thing as often as it can be positive. Speed and determination can cloud a person’s mind, blocking their wider vision and common sense, leading them to start doing things in a adverse way. If you want to convert your enthusiasm into a positive energy, read these following 10 points, and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as many others, as you try to become a super affiliate:

1. Spamming – A spam is an unsolicited email, and usually they flood blog comments and countless of “innocent inboxes.” Aside from being really irritating, constant spamming will give your recipients a good reason to block you. Elsewhere, search engines do not appreciate spamming as it appears to be a desperate move and will delete accounts or block emails if they suspect you of the activity.

2. Advertising in Forums – Discussion boards and forums are great ways to share ideas and build your community, but posting advertisements on them is akin to spamming. This also leads to nothing but big trouble; you will not only be viewed as a scam merchant, you will also be thought of as disrespectful and people will not engage with you on forums.

3. No Research – Research is really important, and yet the least practiced step of the entire affiliate marketing business plan. Many affiliate marketers skip this stage because they view it as unnecessary and time consuming. They think they can get on without a decent research. They’re wrong! The moment you skip this early research is the exact time that your business starts to crumble. Invest a lot of time and effort on market research because getting to know your target audience is something you will never ever regret.

4. Copying Others’ Content – Copyright infringement is one of the worst things you can do in affiliate marketing. Never copy anyone elses work; not only is it highly unethical but it is actually punishable by law too.

5. Not Responding to Emails
– 90% of customers are willing to pay extra for good quality customer service. By not responding to each and every customer email you get, you are showing that you do not value your customers. If a customer doesn’t feel valued, they will not respect you and will definitely not purchase any goods from you. So take a little time and make each person feel special, you’ll be glad you did.

6. Pop-up Overload
– Overusing pop-ups will definitely drive your customers away. They are just like spamming and will really annoy anyone who clicks on to your page. The worst thing you can do is to irritate your buyers and so, if you feel you must integrate pop ups on your page, do so with caution.

7. Free Hosting and Email Accounts – Free hosting makes you appear like a cheesy vendor and you may fail to gain visitors’ trust. Research the best hosts on the market and prepare to pay for a better service; doing so will probably see you earn more income in the long run.

8. Failure to Have a Plan B – A perfect initial plan is nothing if you have no back-up plan. Always think ahead, be a step further than the rest of the people in the industry. If you plan for the eventuality that you may fail, you will always be prepared and more quick to react to any downturn.

9. Keeping Poor Records – Affiliate marketing may be a laid back business, but it is still a business nonetheless. Just as any physical business would keep a record of all transactions, events, alterations, costs etc, an internet business should not retreat from this too. Keeping a log of the business is very important because, ultimately, a disorganized business is a failing business.

10. Advertising Offline
– Paying newspapers or magazines for ads is a total waste of money if you are involved in internet marketing. You may think it is widening your audience but, on the whole, all of your audience is in one place in this industry – on the web. You are better off focusing all of your energies and efforts online because print marketing will probably, at best, bring in 10 – 20 more customers but will cost a lot to do so.

Now that you know what the common mistakes affiliate marketing do, try to steer clear from these amateur wrong doings and you will soon see yourself on the road to success.

Paul Evans is an experienced Internet Marketer who has spent a considerable amount of time doing his research on hundreds of internet opportunities like making money in affiliate marketing.
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