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February 9, 2011

7 Important Ways To Stay Relevant To Your Subscribers

Sometimes marketers are afraid to send information to their list, which is ridiculous because remember this: Your subscribers signed up, they want the information you’re offering and they EXPECT to hear from you. They either signed up for your list to learn more about your offerings, or they bought something from you. You have their attention, they want what you have to offer!

Once you have their initial attention it is important to stay relevant to your potential clients. Getting more clients for your coaching business will depend on you keeping your current clients, who will be motivated to give referrals, or by turning your subscribers into coaching clients. You can encourage the behavior you want by:

Segmentation — This means that you separate your subscribers by people who have bought your services, or product, from those who have not. By separating them in your newsletter you can target your messages appropriately. You can further segment your market into even smaller micro segments based on what they have bought! The ways you can do this are almost endless but segmentation is one of the most important aspects of list management.

Personalization — Your newsletter provider offers you the capability to personalize your newsletters and emails so that when the person receives your message they will see their name. This will increase open rates exponentially as well as be a great client attraction tool because your clients will feel special. Even though many know these tools are automated, it does not matter, the feeling that they are special remains.

Education — When you get someone to sign up for your newsletter do not assume that they understand what newsletters are, or even how the net works, they might not. So explain to them in minute detail in your sign up process what type of list they have joined and tell them how to never miss a thing by explaining the white-list process.

Expectations — If you want more customers and clients begging for your attention show them that you care about them by establishing their expectations for the list at the get go. This means, one of your first messages to those who have purchased, or those who have just joined your list to get more information, you tell them exactly what to expect. Be very specific.

Spam — I’m sure I don’t need to explain spam to you, but ensure that you don’t recommend things to your clients or prospects that you, yourself have never tried. If you do that, and it turns out to be a scam they’re going to blame you and your trust will be broken. Instead recommend processes and products that you use to establish trust with your potential new clients.

— The headlines that you use in your emails and newsletters is as important as the content, maybe more so, because if you do not give a good headline which will likely be the subject line, they might not ever open it.

Give thought to creating headlines that make people curious then of course, back it up by providing good content.

Consistency — This is the key to staying relevant to your subscribers. If you suddenly disappear, or worse, you never send anything beyond the welcome letter, they’ll forget you exist. Then, when you finally do send something, they’ll unsubscribe because they will think you are spamming them.

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