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February 9, 2011

Top 5 Google Applications for Business

The Google Apps Marketplace gives businesses a license to create software that can operate in the cloud and be an addition to the apps already in place. These new apps are exciting in that they can take information you already have in other apps and recreate the function of that app for new purposes. Here are descriptions of five of the most-used free apps offered by Google.

1. Accounting: If you need an accounting app, the Rhino Accounting from Google could be the one program to fit your needs. Completely free to users, this app is similar to QuickBooks in that it utilizes the double entry accounting principles. It is not however, an app that has a lot of helpful programs like “Setup Wizard” or even “Help files.”

If you don’t already have some accounting knowledge you will get lost. But it is perfect for people who have used other accounting software in the past.

2. Project Management: The Google app Rapid Task is management made simple. It starts with a basic “to do list’ and allows you to build the project from there. The app will even let members on the same domain interact with the Task. Rapid Task works in tandem with Google Calendar and for the email feature to work that allows you to send tasks to any person you will have to do a bit of configuration.

All members of the team should install the app as this is the only way for each to have access.

3. Travel: Google has made it easy to organize your trips and to track the travel plans of the others involved with the project. Google and TripIt worked together on this one and you have all the functions of the TripIt website. It will periodically go through your email inbox to update itself.

4. Information sharing: Google realized that in order for a business to experience success, being able to share useful information with all of the company members is imperative. The Appogee Bookmarks app is designed to allow you to share links with others in your team. It will add a panel on your home page and in the inbox that is specifically for link addresses.

5. Appointments: If you have to make time to visit with clients, using the “YouCanBook.Me” app is like having a social secretary that is available 24/7. It is another collaboration, with the website of the same name, and it gives you a page where you or anyone looking to meet with you, can go to your calendar and enter an appointment day and time. The appointments are sent directly to your personal calendar along with an email confirmation.

These are the best of the best of applications and they are all free for the using. Go online and start enhancing your business today. You will find that soon you will be wondering how you ever got along without them.

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