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February 14, 2011

The 3 Big Reasons Why Minisites Still Outsell Social Networking Sites

Today on the net there’s huge interest around social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. It seems that anyone, who is anyone, has an account and is tweeting or being friends. However, there is something that your social networking page wont do as well as a traditional sales minisite‚Ķ and that is sell!

There are several reasons why minisites are still way ahead in the Internet selling world. These powerful features mean that, when it comes to selling on the Internet, the single page minisite still outsells social media. This is why you really need to weigh up the pros and cons of the minisite against the time you spend on the social media sites. You need to ask, “Would this time be better spent developing a sales minisite to present your sales message online?”

So, here are the top 3 reasons why the single page minisite still outsells the mighty social media giants!

1. Single Purpose

A social media page is there to present information, and it does this in several different ways. You may have friends, comments, posts, tweets, video, invitations, etc – For the media page, this is how you communicate with others on the site.

All this activity helps your readers hang around your page, and read your information. You can clearly see from this how a sales message could easily get lost. It’s just another message in the constant steam of thousands of other tweets, posts video and content.

Conversely, the single page sales site only has one focus, and that is to push your sales copy. This focused marketing gives the sales minisite a huge ability way above it’s simple construction or small size. Everything on the minisite’s single page is designed to support the purpose of the sales message – that is, to get that buying click from the reader.

2. Not in a Buying Mind
If someone comes to your minisite they are looking for your pitch. They know exactly what they’ll be reading when they land on your sales site – that’s right, they will be sold to! They are expecting to see what your product is about, and if it can solve their problem. This means that when someone finds your sales site they are more likely to be in a buying fame of mind.

Contrast this with the social networking site where it’s common practice to have no sales message at all. When was the last time you went to Twitter or Facebook to buy something? This is only one reason why you really can’t pitch effectively on your social networking page. Your followers or friends are there to mix and socialize. Not buy your latest product!

It’s like being invited to go to dinner with a friend. When you get there you are subjected to a pitch to try to sell you a new watch. Are you really interested? Would you rather he just stopped and chatted to you like a friend would? Sales pitches on social media is just is the wrong message at the wrong time.

3. Only One Page

Social networking sites, by their nature, will have multiple pages covering different subjects. It’s common for readers to click between pages while following links, or themes, through the content. This is great for browsing, but would be disastrous for a sales page.

The single page format of the minisite means that when a reader lands on the sales page they don’t need to navigate away from that page. Everything you need to see is posted right there on that one page. They don’t need to make decisions about where to go next, or which link to click on.

On a minisite you are in control, and the reader follows your message through, in the intended sequence. This is the primary reason why minisites continue to outsell social networking sites.

So, if you have been tempted to transfer your selling from minisites to social media pages on the back of all the Internet hype then think again! This step could seriously damage your ability to sell.

The real way to Internet marketing success is to use social media pages, and sales minisites, together. The way to do this is to use your social media pages to pre-qualify your readers and then invite them to read your sales message on your minisite.

This will ensure that the visitors that land on your sales minisite are those that are most interested in your message, and your product. This ultra targeted traffic will automatically translate to more sales, and to higher profits.

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