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February 16, 2011

Business Startup Costs: What Expenses Are Involved Online?

Although you may have funds available you still want to pay attention to your business startup costs when you first get your Internet business going. Something that is great about starting an online business is how little you actually have to pay.

There are Internet marketers who earn over $1 million a year and brag about only spending about $.10 a month per website. These same individuals also spend very little money on their auto-responders.

These are two of the primary expenses you will need when you first get started. Having your own website and auto-responder are important regardless of the business model that you choose to join.

For example, affiliate marketers are given a website they can use to sell their products from. Those who build their own websites are the most successful people in affiliate marketing.

Ideally what you want to do is create a website and either review your affiliate product or pre-sell it to your website visitor. Then you include links to your affiliate sales page where your traffic is sent to make purchases.

Website hosting is cheap today but you still want to go with a quality company. Host Gator and BlueHost are hosting companies that are very inexpensive.

It costs less than $10 a month to host a website. You can also add new websites and often are not billed anything extra to host those.

A business tool you will need to use is an auto-responder. An auto-responder is where you store your prospects name and email address.

Take a look at any well designed website and you will see the Internet marketer using a sign up form to capture your contact information. As these names and email addresses are stored in an auto-responder you can follow up with them to make sales in the future.

A good auto-responder will cost you a little under $20 a month. You can build multiple lists in your auto-responder. It is a very hands-off way to keep in contact with your prospects and you can also pre-program your auto-responder to send out messages in the future.

You may want to outsource some aspects of it when you first get started depending on the type of business you are in. There is inexpensive labor available to do everything from designing and building your website to writing fresh content articles for it.

These are a few things to keep in mind regarding Internet business startup costs. The good news is it will not take very much money for you to get going.

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