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February 18, 2011

Authority and Anchor Text – Your Key to Succeeding in SEO Authority Linking

If you’re just starting out in SEO, you’re going to need authority linking to get you in the game. An authoritative site can leverage anchor text links much more than a site without much authority. In other words, if an authoritative site has 100 external links and the non-authoritative site has the same 100 external links, Google will favor the authoritative site. Depending on the degree of authority, Google may even place the authoritative site higher even if it has only 10 anchor text links opposed to the other site’s 100.

The most effective technique I’ve found to get authority is guest blogging using leads found on Here you can find a large quantity of high quality sites interested in accepting guest blogs. It’s really quite simple. MyBlogGuest is a platform that connects blogs that want guest content with bloggers who want to post guest content in exchange for a few links to their site.

Cold Calling Blogs

Cold calling (emailing) blogs is another tactic you can use. This method can work, but it’s so inefficient that it may not be worth your time. However, I recently tried a tool called Ontolo which takes a lot of the grunt work out of finding good blogs in the first place. Ontolo takes keywords that you would use to search for websites, and then produces thousands of sites that can all be ranked according to the site’s authority. Then, the program provides email addresses, twitter accounts, contact pages and more, taking out the time consuming process of finding all that information on your own.

While it’s an excellent tool that saves a lot of time, I’ve personally found that my cold calling response rate doesn’t justify the cost of the program. It may be different in your market. Even if you don’t use the program, you can find some outsources to do Ontolo’s work for you. Use Google blog search or preferably, Technorati, because you can search by authority. Also, when comparing sites side by side, I’d suggest using the MOZ score. Google tool bar page rank is a poor indicator of ranking because it is so rarely updated.

Anchor Text Linking

Authority is good, but without specific anchor text links pointing to your site you’re going to have a hard time ranking for your chosen keywords. The best thing you can do a get a high quality syndication list. Find your partners you use for authority and ask them if they’d be interested in receiving syndicated articles. Also, you can use more traditional methods such as or Buzzle, but you may have to wait a long time before good sites pick them up. Over time though, ezinearticle and Buzzle can be beneficial.

Gabriel Meriwether is a guest author for which specializes in outdoor chaise lounge chairs.