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February 18, 2011

How Article Spinning Can Help and Hurt Websites

There are many different tactics available which can help you to gain the kind of attention you need in order to have the kind of traffic you need for your website. You are likely to go through the paces of looking up various different kinds of methods and maybe even getting expert advice from those who say that they can help you. Along the way you will come across different methods which seem as if they will help you to get more traffic for your site. The problem is that some things which look too good to be true sometimes are.

One of the things you will likely hear about if you are looking in to SEO marketing methods is article spinning. Spinning articles is something which is fairly new to the scene and not many web developers quite know what to do with it. They are interested in it because it is supposed to have many great benefits, but at its core it seems problematic. It is a good idea to take a good close look at everything that spinning articles has to offer you before you make a decision as to whether to use it or not. While it is not preferred by all, it does have merit and can help to drive traffic.

What is Article Spinning?
Before you can make any decisions about article spinning, you will need to know what it is that you are dealing with. Article spinning is a method by which you can take one article and turn it into several different articles. The concept is to change different words within the article so that they are unique enough to pass copyscape and other plagiarism checking programs. The changes are to concentrate on different keywords. Changes are made within every sentence to create as many different articles as are needed.

Methods for Spinning Articles
The most often used method for spinning articles is to use a spinning program. The program will identify the words which can be spun and will produce the different versions of the articles for you. If you are looking to get specific keywords from the different spun articles, you can manually enter them instead. One way or another, you will likely run the articles through some kind of software to produce the different articles you will need for different applications. Software is chosen by how much automation you want as well as the level of change you are looking for between articles.

What to do with Spun Articles
Once the article has been spun and you have several articles, you will likely submit them to different article directories. The idea is to make sure that you are able to submit to as many directories as possible to create the kind of SEO ranking you desire. In most cases you will use software which will submit your articles to the different directories you normally submit to. You can choose software which will ask you for the directories you want to submit to or you can choose to allow the software to choose for you.

Why Spun Articles Are Popular
There are many who prefer to use spun articles when promoting their websites. The reason for this is because it allows them to get more exposure without having to write a lot of articles. This can save time and money. You can take a few hours to write a well-crafted article on any subject like GPS vehicle tracking and a few more hours to spin it into a hundred articles. A process which normally would take days to accomplish can now be completed within the time of a regular work day. The amount of traffic the spun articles is based on the quality of the original article more than the spin quality as it is about the message more than the words.

Cautions about Spun Articles
Some believe that spinning articles is nothing short of acceptable plagiarism. Even if the original article is yours, you did not do any work to create the other articles spun off of it. The algorithms for the search engines are being changed to stop from spinning articles resulting in higher search engine placement. In fact, the search engines would rather punish those who use article spinning to gain the attention that they want.

It is also important to note that often when the articles are changed by spinning that the grammar of the article can be changed. It will no longer read as if it was written by you. You will still have to invest time into editing and reading all of the articles as you do not want to use subpar content.

Choosing what is Right
It is important for you to consider wisely whether you will use article spinning or not. Even if you are afraid of the consequences of the search engines, spinning does work for now to get better rankings.

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