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February 18, 2011

The Best Way To Do Facebook

Everyone knows Facebook has become huge. It’s now the second ranked website after the mega-Google itself. It is the biggie in social media and this gives us a clue as to how it should be treated when we are hunting for business. Too many people are rushing onto Facebook making “friends” with as many people as possible then pitching products to them.

If you want to be successful on Facebook then there are certain rules you must abide by. Plan to make exactly zero dollars on Facebook. Yes, you read that right, zero. What you have to imagine is that being on Facebook is like being at a party. You go to a party to meet and make friends and find out about people. What are their interest hobbies and past times. They tell you about their families.

Have you ever been to a party where there is someone there trying to sell a product to people. You get this a lot with network marketers. They have just joined an opportunity and have been told to “make a list” of everyone they know.

Well even if they have just met you at a party as far as they are concerned you are in their warm market and you have earned the right to be pitched to by them.

People treat Facebook like this and are forever pitching products and wonder why people won’t listen.

So you must treat Facebook like an article on Ezine.The first part is where you give value. Learn about people and what interests them. Then they will become interested in you and what you say.

Going back to the party analogy someone may be at the party and they need a plumber. Now if you had been talking to someone and told them you were a plumber and then they told the person who is looking for one; that is the moment you can pitch. They have given you permission to pitch so do it. You could say this part is like the resource box of Ezine.

No one invites you to pitch on Facebook so don’t do it. You can create a Fan Page with a link to your product but again people will go to your fan page because they are interested in you and what you have to offer.

So, when you are on Facebook take time to get to know people. The quickest way to get noticed is to make friends with people with whom you share an interest. Say you are a dog owner. Look for people who also own dogs and talk about that.

When you send a friend request it is vital you send a personal message with it to show you have at least read some of their profile. Don’t just send off fifty friend requests one after another.

Do Facebook the right way and you will build an audience.

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