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February 18, 2011

Zero to Hero in 6 Months for Generic Keywords (Google Top Ten) Part 5/7

Hello Peeps!

As promised the next installment in the Rik Pennington story, his meteoric rise to Google’s Top Ten for a generic search term – ‘Wedding Photographer.’ It now pretty hard work for me to generate good quality links on a monthly basis, I have exhausted most of the avenues known to me. I have scoured the competitors’ websites with forensic tools to discover the juice bits of their success. I needed to find a SEO top-up to compound the hard work put in and maintain Rik Pennington’s Photography Website on page one of Google. What I was really looking for was a slow-release SEO-Multivitamin and I definitely found the perfect one for this project.

Article Submission

The most important aspect of article submission is where you submit your articles. Submitting good quality articles to reputable Article Websites is still a good way to generate trusted targeted back-links. The article site needs to be well regarded and known to employ a stringent human editing process before publishing your article. Google likes trusted sources, informative article, unique content, human reviewed, 2-3 clean back links; happy days all round. Googlebot gets what it hungers, fresh content and more importantly you get your hard earned back-links. It’s easy to find out where you should be submitting, just use your search skills, find the best on Web and get writing and submitting. But be aware; this is a time-consuming process but you will see the rewards: Rik Pennington has! 🙂

Automatic Article Submission Software

I’m not too sure about this one! I just can’t see the point in submitting the same article with the same title, copy and links to 100+ different Article Websites of questionable merit. It goes against everything I have read about duplicate content and my own ethics. My opinion is the links you manage to gain from this process are not worth the considerable effort you have to endure during the submission process and may be damaging to your link power and overall authority. That said, I am more than happy to hear any of your views regarding this approach and be persuaded otherwise. The jury is still out for me on this one!

Spinning Your Way To The Top

Now, this is the story of how I discovered my SEO-Multivitamin. Somebody asked me “do I spin because if I don’t, I really should be….” Odd, I thought… To start with, was I meant to be going to the gym and hopping onto a bike for an hour; how was that going help my SEO efforts? How wrong could I have been! After researching the concept related to SEO, I got the picture. Using a handful of articles, spinning the copy and submitting the spun versions to different article websites. Yet another way to tick Google boxes for content. Varied titles, spun/rewritten/different content whichever way you look at it! Google allegedly makes the rules, it’s your job to push them. If nobody pushed the envelope, there would be need for rules. There is never going to some harmonious Internet Utopia where all is fair. SEO is akin to the capitalist model, driven by competitiveness and greed. That’s just the way it is and the way it will always be. You see this is a fallacy but the truth is that it is not Google who writes the rules; the rules are written by those at the cutting edge of SEO. Google only reacts accordingly to produce informative and representative results; thus keeping the advertising juggernaut running at full speed. It’s all about the ‘money honey’! Search is just the vehicle. Remember every vehicle eventually runs out of gas and new and better ones come along. That’s a theory from the cycle of history; but that’s a totally different story.

Let’s get back to the cutting edge of SEO and what tools I have used to maintain Rik Pennington Photography website in ‘Google’s Top Ten’ for the generic term ‘wedding photographer’. Now the goal at this stage of Rik Pennington’s development has been clearly defined by my R&D mentioned above. I need to write articles, I need them to have individualistic qualities and I need links, clean fresh powerful links! So I’m looking at different tools and reading the over inflated claims to get you #No.1 in 3 weeks, etc, the list goes on… To be quite frank; any of you out there who have been duped by the hype and parted with good money and seen little return, well I feel for you. But we all know that if it sounds too good to be true, then its utter bull! Don’t go down that road!

Well I heard about this one on the grape vine and it ticked all of my boxes and more importantly it ticked Google’s stringent boxes as well. I had finally found the slow-release SEO-multivitamin I was hunting for; to compound the hard earned gains I had made for Rik Pennington. Brad Callen’s SEOLinkVine; this really is a nifty and cleverly thought-out concept for link building and growing your authority online. More importantly SEOLinkVine’s approach is, in my opinion, 100% ethical. If you don’t know who Brad Callen is and more importantly the contribution he has made to the SEO world, look him up. His reputation speaks for itself and his SEO software products are up there with the best on the market. SEOLinkVine is a clever take on what many of us have been looking for. Article creation tools, article spinning tools, you can spin every aspect of an article, synonyms, words, sentences, paragraphs and even the links themselves. Throughout you can monitor your rewrite percentages. Once this process if complete the opportunities for publication are endless. Propagation to a network of blogs globally, target by your category/neighborhood choices. What more could we as SEO’s ask for? More importantly it’s what the search engines are looking for; unique, well written, informative content, it’s a win-win all round. SEOLinkVine is composed of 2 sections ‘Get Content’- ‘Give Content’; and everything in life comes down to a bit of give and take! I’m sure you would all agree on this one. Not only can you offer your articles to an ever expanding global network controlled and monitored by SEOLinkVine, but you can also contribute to growth of the network by receiving fresh, relevant content to your Blogs.

On submission, the backend marries your articles with possible publication locations defined by your categorization choices. Your articles are only going out to the market sectors (neighborhoods) defined by you. Then the potential publisher can review and decide if your content is relevant to their Blog and has the last word on whether or not to publish your article, your UNIQUE ARTICLE, every time! Happy Days indeed!

But it doesn’t stop there, once your articles are out in the network, you can monitor your progress in real-time and over time with a clever little App. It will track the keywords you are targeting, how many times each article is published, your progressive back-link growth and your PageRank if that is of interest to you?

SEOLinkVine in this case was used to sustain Rik Pennington’s positions in Google’s Top Ten for the term ‘Wedding Photographer’ and has been an excellent ‘seo service’ to employ. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use this software during the infancy of your SEO project development and gain early back-links for your embryonic website giving you the advantage over your competitors. Keeping you topped up will generate a near daily stream of one-way back-links.

In my opinion this is the most complete, user friendly article delivery mechanism I have found to date and it works! The claims by Brad Callen and his team are not exaggerated. SEOLinkVine does what it says on the tin and does it very well indeed.

Controlled Article Propagation

In a nutshell we can gain slow release daily link top-ups, compounding our achievements and staving off the opposition, which is definitely an SEO-Multivitamin worth looking into.

Next week, I will reveal the biggest gun of all in my SEO arsenal when it comes to conquering the pinnacle of Google’s search results.

The SEO Daddy is a very successful professional SEO Consultant. He runs an SEO Company in the UK. He covers every industry online and specializes in Wedding Business SEO. This article covered the use of SEOLinkVine on Rik Pennington’s meteoric rise and sustaining his presence at to the top of Google for the generic term ‘Wedding Photographer’.