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February 27, 2011

Ten Reasons Why Good Link Builders Fail

A good website builder knows that solid links mean solid rankings, but it’s an ever changing challenge to get them. Learn how to avoid a loss of link juice now.

Links are incredibly important in getting relevant traffic and good position in search results, but links are like any other relationship… they can go sour. Here’s a list of ten reasons why otherwise knowledgeable link builders blow their efforts. Pay attention and don’t fall into any of these traps. As a website builder you have got to get this part right or you are heading for disaster.

1. One Hit Wonder

The worse thing that can happen to websites that stumble onto a source of links or who only rely on one method of building links is for that accident or that plan to actually work. That sounds counter intuitive, but if you convince yourself that only one method is needed, you’re heading for a fall. You need to diversify your efforts and not have all your eggs in one basket.

2. Quantity Not Quality

The link builder who writes an article, spins it and then uses article submission software can easily develop 1,000 links to a web page in no time at all. The only problem is those links will be worth next to nothing. Building links is not just a numbers game. Links gain their value from the value of their source. A single link from a PR 4 is worth 1,000 links from PR 0 websites.

3. Forgetting that the Webmaster is a Human

Email requests for a link that are addressed to “Dear Webmaster” are the first to be deleted. If you want to pitch a website for a backlink take the time to find a name to address the request to.

4. Staying Strictly Digital

If you are an expert in your field don’t be afraid to tell the world… face to face. Volunteer for speaking engagements for your professional organization or even your local chamber. The story on their website will inevitably carry a link to yours.

5. Reliance on Black Hat

Black hat tactics will work. Time after time somebody has found a way to manipulate the system and anyone who has used it has experienced short term success. But the success is short term and sometimes comes with penalties that get your web pages de-indexed. Black hat isn’t worth the loss of listing.

6. Failure to Keep Up with the Industry

Link building, like so many aspects of internet marketing is constantly changing. Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Don’t rely on a strategy that could become ineffective tomorrow. Take an interest in the industry and stay current.

7. No Support Network

This is a real risk for the small business website in more ways than one. You’re not working in a big SEO shop and you can’t stroll over to a colleague and bounce an idea off them. Try to develop a network of talented website builders that you can call on for help and be ready to help them when they call you.

8. Loss of Creative Spark

There’s more than one way to skin this link cat. Keep your mind open to creative ways to get other quality websites to link to yours. Doing something that is newsworthy for your industry is a sure way to get relevant links back.

9. Building the Perfect Link that Doesn’t Get Implemented

Action and consistency are more important than perfection. If you’re one of those people who are afraid to click on the submit button because you think your link request isn’t absolutely perfect, then just get over it. Live wild and click that button. An imperfect link request has more value in building relationships than a perfect request that is never sent.

10. Becoming Lazy

OK you could change lazy with complacent, but it’s the same thing. Link building is a tough skill and not nearly as much fun as website design or even creating content. If you have built a few successful links don’t count on those being around forever. Continue your efforts and you’ll continue to enjoy quality traffic.

Link building is a task that every website builder has to have at least a working knowledge of. If you see yourself slipping into one of these ten common symptoms of link trouble, snap yourself out of it and double up on the building efforts. The leads and conversions that you gain from the relevant links are your reward for diligently performing this important function.

Maria Nemenman – Free Website Builder. I have been in the online marketing industry for over two years and love all things related to e-marketing, writing for the web, SEO and SEM.
I’ve been working for a large company that specializes in web design, and love how dynamic this field is – I am constantly learning new strategies and concepts as the world of online marketing evolves.